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April Fools Day Jokes from Around the World

April 3rd, 2007

The Internet world has experienced some interesting April Fools Day jokes over the past two days.

I received emails from two different family members yesterday about a new service that was being launched by Google called Gmail paper. This new service would allow Gmail users to request paper copies of their email messages and have them delivered to their address free of charge. This “service” turned out to be a hoax, but one of my brothers was temporarily fooled by this. Other Internet users from around the blogosphere called the joke “lame”, while my mother emailed, “This makes no sense!!!!?”.

Meanwhile, Google released another “service” that many people may have missed called Google TiSP. This was an even funnier idea (in my opinion) than the Gmail paper joke. It was supposed to be a new self-installed wireless broadband service that allowed people to avoid the usual charges for broadband Internet service from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) by using a “commode-based TiSP wireless router”. It even offered “in-commode package delivery” for goods purchased through the new service with Google Checkout. To get the full humorous effect of this little gem, don’t forget to visit the How TiSP Works, Frequently Asked Questions, and Press Release pages on the site. There is even a TiSP Help discussion group with over 2300 messages posted on it so far.

Over in the UK, a company called Olate Ltd. got into the April Fools Day spirit by announcing a curious new product called Chocolate 1.0, a PHP-based application that harnesses the power of chocolate to write PHP code and even generate accompanying user manuals for open source programmers. Using lower-calorie versions of chocolate will produce less bugs in the final source code at an increased cost for updates and technical support.

Not to be outdone, the infamous Swedish file sharing network Pirate Bay announced that it had formed a cooperative agreement with Kim Jong-Il of North Korea to relocate some of Pirate Bay’s servers to the North Korean embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. This would provide the Pirate Bay with lots of extra bandwidth, important server and fiber link redundancy for increased security, and of course diplomatic immunity from all foreign copyright holders. Discussion of this new development continues on the Pirate Bay’s blog with over 240 comments recorded as of April 3.

In another surprising move, Pirate Bay also hosted links to a new torrent that contains the IP addresses of all 1.6 millon Pirate Bay users for use by the RIAA in its ongoing legal battles with file sharing networks. Whether or not the RIAA will take advantage of this latest torrent offering is still unclear at the present time.

UPDATE 8/27/08: I have removed several broken or redundant links. The various April Fools jokes were still pretty funny though.

One Response to “April Fools Day Jokes from Around the World”

  1. comment number 1 by: Jane Laramie

    This was really funny. Appreciate the post. I especially enjoyed the Google April Fool’s joke - hope they keep up the tradition! Bravo.

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