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Libertarian Women Take Over Leadership of NC County Party

April 4th, 2007

In an encouraging development for libertarian feminists, the Libertarian Party of Wake County, North Carolina held their annual convention last Thursday and elected women to fill all four of the officer posts (chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer). Interestingly, my local (formerly male) LP county chair in Nueces County, Texas has also been replaced by a woman (Pamela Heisser). It appears that women who are developing an appetite for liberty are finally becoming fed up with the (mostly male) “armchair quarterback” Libertarians who like to sit on their butts and complain about the current state of affairs without actually doing anything to advance the goals of the party.

Kudos go to Susan Hogarth at HammerOfTruth.net for reporting on this story.

UPDATE 8/27/08: The link to Hammer of Truth now resolves to a domain parking page, so I have had to remove it. The Libertarian Party of North Carolina is still alive and well, however.

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