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Building Backlinks from Article Syndication

April 10th, 2007

Building backlinks to your website for SEO purposes is usually a good thing. However, from the perspective of search engines, not all backlinks are created equally. For example, getting a one-way link back to your site is usually treated as a higher quality link than a two-way link that is acquired through a reciprocal link exchange.

One way of gaining quality links without having to reciprocate or even pay for them is through a method known as article syndication. Essentially, article syndication works like this: you write an article that would be of interest to your site’s visitors, proofread it in order to correct any spelling and/or grammar mistakes, and submit it to an article directory site such as ezinearticles.com, searchwarp.com, goarticles.com, or any other similar site that is reasonably well established and has a decent page rank. At the end of the article, most article syndication sites will allow you to include at least one link to a website of your choice, along with a short description of yourself and/or your profession. Most sites call this the “resource box” or the “about the author” section. This is how you get your backlink.

The length of the article should be at least 300 words (this is roughly equivalent to one double-spaced typed page) but does not need to be longer than 1000 words. If your article is significantly longer than 1000 words, you may want to consider breaking it up into two separate articles; you can use the second article as a supplement to your first, or you can use one of the two articles to submit to another article directory site and gain an additional backlink. Of course, you can also simply post it to your own site for an additional listing with the search engines. You can also optimize the title and text of the article for particular niche terms that you may want to target; you can even sell e-books or other products this way according to the methods described in professional marketing guides such as Affiliate Project X.

Although building backlinks via article syndication is a proven method for helping your search engine rankings and/or promoting your favorite products, it is not without its drawbacks. Perhaps the most obvious of these is that you do not directly get paid for the article(s) that you write; you are effectively offering the free use of your content to the article directory in exchange for the opportunity to publish your article and gain a free inbound link to your site. If you are a reasonably good writer and want to get paid for your articles directly, you can submit them to sites such as Constant Content, set up an author account, and explore the potentially profitable world of article marketing.

The other potential drawback to using article syndication is that it is possible for your article to get picked up by other syndication services or even “content scrapers”, which could lead to duplicate content issues and dilute the value of your backlink somewhat. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing; if some of your articles manage to get widely distributed enough (along with your backlink or at the least name of your site), this could help you gain reputation as a reliable source of information about the topic(s) covered in your articles. Over the long term, traffic from sources other than the article directory sites that you submit to may eventually find its way back to your site as a result of your informative articles. In an event, using the article syndication method is still generally better than plain old reciprocal links or no links at all. As with many other things in life, making the extra effort to do a little work now can pay significant dividends later.

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