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Paid Survey Tip: Cash Focus

April 19th, 2007

Although joining Survey Vanguard is certainly a great way to get paid in cash for taking surveys online, after a few weeks you may run into a slight problem.

Because Survey Vanguard’s program contains so many paid survey companies, if you actually follow their instructions and register with the first two or three groups of recommended companies, you may eventually discover that you are receiving more surveys than you can handle. This can lead to a condition known as paid survey burnout, which sometimes causes people to complain about not getting paid enough cash for taking online surveys based on the time that it takes to get through them all.

Having encountered this situation myself around the beginning of last year, I have found that after a few months, it really helps to optimize your paid survey earnings. The easiest way to do this is to be more selective about the surveys in which you actually participate. Focus on completing the ones that actually pay cash first. If the survey offer pays in points, be sure that the points are readily convertible to cash or are paid out in cash upon request. All other surveys can be skipped over and taken later only if you are really bored.

If you use this strategy and find that you do not have enough cash-paying surveys left after weeding out all of the “duds”, then you can always go back to the listings in the Survey Vanguard database and register with a few more companies. Meanwhile, you can also unsubscribe from companies that are simply not paying in cash and/or free products, or are otherwise wasting too much of your time. After a few weeks, you should begin to see a noticeable increase in your earnings without having to wait as long to actually get paid for taking your online surveys.

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