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Google’s Froogle Becomes Google Product Search

April 28th, 2007

Google has officially renamed Froogle, its search engine spinoff for shoppers that was launched back in December 2002, to Google Product Search.

While the name change is mostly a re-branding effort, the appearance and interface of the old Froogle has been streamlined as well. The engine’s main list of query options that users see after performing a product search has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom, although the option to filter results by displaying only merchants that accept Google Checkout remains at the top.

The name “Froogle”, which was a cute play on the word “frugal”, did not seem to catch on as well as the company had hoped. Its link on Google’s default home page was quietly removed back in August of last year and replaced with a link to video search. Apparently the old name had caused confusion for some potential shoppers because it was not really descriptive enough for people to understand the actual purpose of the new search service. Others have commented that some merchants may have balked at the new service because of its association with the word “frugal”, thinking that people who used Froogle might be reluctant to spend significant amounts of money.

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has a fairly long article that fully explains the changes, including before and after screenshots of the old Froogle and the new Google Product Search pages. Meanwhile, Michael Arrington at Tech Crunch has a much shorter piece on the issue, but there is some lively debate going on in the comments section regarding the real reasons for the name change. The commentators are also discussing the future of the new Google Product Search.

One Response to “Google’s Froogle Becomes Google Product Search”

  1. comment number 1 by: ireland5

    Well - I never knew the story behind the name change. To me, suddenly Froogle just disappeared. Then, by accident, I found Google Product Search. Thank goodness because I was/am a regular Froogle shopper! I liked the name - the new brand name seems so generic…

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