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New Wordpress Plugin Allows Better SEO Management

May 2nd, 2007

In an event of fortuitous timing, Eduard Fernandez has released the AutoHeader SEO Wordpress plugin, a new plugin application for Wordpress blogs that automatically generates clean title tags, meta tags, and performs several other small but important tasks for webmasters who want to achieve better SEO results.

This release is particularly well-timed for me because over the past few days, I have been trying to edit the title tags on my single permalink pages in order to remove the redundant “Blog Archive” and “arquo” (double horizontal arrow) tags and simply have Wordpress display the title of each post in the browser bar. This would also cause only the actual post title to show up as the blue clickable link in the search results. This plugin has taken care of this problem very nicely and has saved me lots of time that I otherwise would have had to spend digging through PHP code, which I really do not understand very well.

By removing some of the redundancy in title tags, meta tags, category pages, etc. that is present in the default Wordpress setup, I should be able to avoid duplicate content problems and prevent too many pages from being put into Google’s supplementary index. I still have some of my earlier pages in the supplementals, but with this plugin and some of the robots.txt tweaks that I did earlier, hopefully these pages will be re-indexed into the regular search results over the next few months.

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