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Clixsense Email

May 8th, 2007

Today Clixsense sent out their latest email update. It appears to be more of a promotional mail than anything else, and like many such advertisements, it’s mostly true but there is some exaggeration in there as well.

Update 9/26/07: For more information about the Clix Sense program, please see my recently updated article filed under ClixSense Review. If you have arrived at this page after searching on the keyword “clixsense scam” or similar, I can assure you that the program is not a scam. I have now been paid by the site and received a check in the mail on 9/07/07.

Here is their latest news:

Over the last few weeks I am sure you have noticed many sites popping up that mimic the ClixSense model. This is expected as when people see a good thing they want to duplicate it. But what you don’t know is that all of these “copycat” sites are claiming to bring you loads of traffic and many ads to view when in fact they have very few ads, if any, and generate no real traffic. They are unable pay you as promised and in time just disappear with your earnings. Why are we telling you all this? Simple, ClixSense is for real. We have real ads with no false promises. We have gotten many emails asking us why should I join or why should I upgrade? What makes you better than the others?

Here is why ClixSense.com is better:

  • Our site has racked up more than 45 MILLION customer page views;
  • On average there are more than 100 new advertisements daily for members to click and earn;
  • We pay each month on time, every time;
  • Our staff answers your support requests within hours not days;
  • Our staff listens to its members and ask that you submit your suggestions;
  • We are a real company, working from a real offices, not at some kitchen table;
  • We employ a full time staff for technical and customer service related issues;
  • Members earn real money. In fact, over $70,000.00 in current earnings by our members.
  • Once again, ClixSense.com thanks YOU for making us the #1 advertising alternative on the net today.

    If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us through the help desk available on the web site. Do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored.

    Thank you,
    ClixSense.com, Inc.

    THIS IS NOT SPAM. As an active member of ClixSense.com you agree to receive periodic email updates. You may opt out by cancelling membership. If you wish to no longer receive emails please visit the website and request that we close your account.

    It seems that Clicksense has noticed that there has been somewhat of a resurgence in paid to click programs recently, particularly ones that are going back to one cent or higher click values. Advertisers are also promoting various affiliate programs or even actual products instead of other PTC or PTR (paid to read) programs.

    I’m not so sure that they are entirely accurate about the “copycat” programs, however. For example, a similar program called AdBux has been doing quite well, gaining over 40,000 members in a fairly short span of time (around one month) and driving lots of traffic to the site. Adbux also seems to have a good batch of ads to click on every day, probably about the same amount as Clicksense has unless you use the upgrade option.

    The email’s claim about over 100 new ads to click on every day is somewhat of an exaggeration; I know this from my actual experience with the program so far. If you do the $10 upgrade, however, then the claim is probably closer to the truth because upgraded members get to see many more ads than free members do.

    I have also noticed that it is possible to get more clicks in by simply logging into the site more than once per day and clicking on “Get Paid to Browse Ads” more often. The reason for this is that many advertisers pay for only 100 or 200 clicks at a time, and these tend to get used up very quickly. If you can manage to catch these temporary clicks before they expire, you can make more money with these kinds of programs overall.

    6 Responses to “Clixsense Email”

    1. comment number 1 by: Raymond Dobos

      Yessir same here ive been paid 4 times for 35.10 for referrals and only upgraded once myself cause i only work part time…

    2. comment number 2 by: xiaozhu_show

      i have not been given any advertisements to click on for the past 3 days everytime i log in. Its been about 1 week since i signed up. May i know why is this so?

    3. comment number 3 by: Alex

      I have been a premium member, but the amount of ads is not even close to 10. At first they give u about 500 ads and you click them away for first month. Afterward, there are only 10 ads per week. I think its a waste of time unless you get massive referrals. At best a referral will click for a while and then realize how crappy this system is, and you lose that referral. Its your time, if you see it best spend on making 5cents, go for it.

    4. comment number 4 by: Ronald Halackna

      I have been viewing advertisements for Clix Sense. When I attempted to get into the system today I was blocked. Why? Please let me into the system so that I can view ads. Thank you.

    5. comment number 5 by: amazingrassia

      i am new to work in clixsense.com and started just yesterday in the evening. and i refer 2 person and i got $0.02. about the uopgrade your account to premium i guess its a good idea because if you are a premium member then you can view more ads. if you can read some info there you will read that the clixsense is not a rich that easily get you into rich! of course you have to work hard and pay some so that you can earn more. and beside, there is no free in this day. Free meaning free registration yes! if you want to make money and get rich then work it hard and pay some if you want to make a good extra income! for me its not a scam. just work hard and be patient!

    6. comment number 6 by: jimpsey

      i register to clixsense a month ago. every day i browse ads to clixsense.
      i also post my referral link to my site. last week i check on my referral, i got 2 referral. yesterday, i check on my referrals. my referral is none. how is this happen. is clixsense scam? did they sell referrals?

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