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Article Marketing Tips Found at Helium Forum

May 11th, 2007

Yesterday, I was checking out a site called Helium and found a particularly useful post on the forum there that gives us some clues about how to make money by writing articles and getting paid for them.

The original thread starter, posting under the username of “flashemolecule”, discovered that although it is possible to build up a small income over time by writing good quality articles and publishing them at Helium, much more money can be made by using those same articles and selling them to other sites that will pay people for writing content. Fortunately, although Helium retains lifetime usage rights to your article after it has been published on their site (unless you specifically ask them to remove an article and they agree to it), they do not claim exclusive rights, which means that we have the opportunity to build up multiple streams of income from the same article. For example, if you write an article at one site and manage to make $5 from it, you can probably make that same amount or more by selling the same article to other sites such as Constant-content or Associated Content.

Moreover, depending on the site’s terms and the nature of your content, in many cases it is possible to earn a recurring income from an article even within the same site. For example, Associated Content will pay a flat fee of $3-$20, but at Constant-content you can actually set your own rights and prices for each article that you want to sell. If you set your rights to “usage” as opposed to “unique rights”, you can retain your content in their index and sell the same article over and over again. I have already managed to do this with a Civil War essay that I wrote a few years ago and have already sold that same essay 13 times!

At sites like Helium, you can also earn a recurring passive income after publication because the site makes its money through advertising revenue from AdSense, banners, etc. that appear on the same pages as the articles. In most cases, this income will be very small at first, but you can give it a boost by posting in other forum threads outside of the site that are relevant to your topic and then linking back to your article at Helium. In addition to making money from the ad revenue sharing, you can also put links back to your own site in your user profile, thus allowing you to indirectly generate traffic and market your brand name.

The How to Make Money at Helium thread also contains other useful hints such as targeting your writing for holiday seasons or current interest topics, and also mentions other venues for promotion such as social bookmarking sites. The thread is nearly eight pages long, but it is well worth a read if you have at least a passing interest in article marketing.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Karlonia

    Could “Daychordardy” or someone who understands Italian please translate the above comment?

    I was able to identify the language, but since I am not exactly fluent in Italian, I cannot understand the poster’s message. I tried to use some online translators, but the results do not make much sense in English…

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