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Admin of Royal Surf Apologizes, Fixes Error

May 17th, 2007

The administrator of RoyalSurf.com sent out a correction notice regarding yesterday’s email update. It definitely ranks as one of the most sincere apology letters that I have ever seen from a traffic exchange admin before.

Apparently there was some mistake in the last email that made it seem like users could purchase “weekly priority rotation slots” for 30 days. In reality, as the name implies, they were only supposed to last for 7 days. This one had me feeling a little embarrassed as well; I had received yesterday’s email and read through it, yet somehow I missed the obvious logical fallacy. Here is the text of today’s email under the title, “Critical Correction Enclosed”:

Hi karlonia,

Sorry for the second email in as many days. But, I need to correct a HUGE mistake that I made in the last one (red-faced here).

Being such an attentive and infallible person (note that this is written with extreme sarcasm), I made a mistake in the explanation about the Weekly Priority Rotation slots. Before I go any further with this, let me thank Michael Kelly for his patience and understanding. He has graciously given me a face-saving solution. :-) To continue on, I wrote that the slots would be available at the new lower price of $12.97 that Michael has put in place for a period of 30 days. I was wrong. The time frame is actually 7 days per slot (note to self…that’s why they’re called “weekly rotation”).

Before anyone panics, here’s what Michael has said for me to do. The first ten slots, including the sales already received (three thus far), will be put in place for the price and time period that I quoted. This means that I have seven slots still available for that price with the 30-day time period attached to them. Realize, please, that the 10 priority rotation slots we offer for purchase are an awesome value at $12.97 for one week - because these formally sold for $39.97 weekly. And they sold well. But, Michael decided to permanently lower the price. However, he did NOT intend for his admin to give 30 days as opposed to 7 days per slot.

What is happening now is that I have seven more slots available between now and the end of the month for the $12.97 price with 30 days on each slot. After that, we will offer them still at the new price, but with only seven days time attached to each one.

I offer you my sincere apologies for my absolutely idiotic mistake. There are no excuses for it. And I will do my very best not to let something like this happen again.

Once again, I am honoring the purchases already made with the time frame that I quoted in yesterday’s email. Please, don’t send me any angry emails. I get enough of those from folks who truly don’t understand the way things work and take out their frustration on me. ;-)

I’m not complaining. Just stating fact. It’s all part of being a support/admin person. And I accept that cheerfully. I love what I do, and am honored to be entrusted with the duties that I have. I just get very angry with myself when I make such a mistake of gigantic proportions as this one (I’m my own worst critic, lol).

And again I apologize for the need for a second email in two days time. But this clarification was very necessary to head off future problems. ;-)

Thank you for your patience and understanding with me. I am here to help you, should you need me. And I will do my best to assist you on a timely and knowledgeable basis (without any mistakes of this proportion again).

Best Regards,
Catherine Heiter, Admin

Royal Surf is actually a pretty good traffic exchange. It is manual surfing (meaning that people will actually view your site), has a 10 second timer, and even has a ranking system where you can see how your current statistics compare to other members, along with the ability to win extra credits if you are among the top surfers. After receiving this last update, I logged back into my account and surfed another 200-300 pages so that I could build up some more credits to use for later. When I have the time, I will attempt to evaluate the program’s overall effectiveness and write up a more detailed review.

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