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Survey Vanguard Member Nets Five Dollars for One Minute Survey

May 18th, 2007

Well, this was a nice little surprise. After mailing off another three survey checks for a total deposit of $138 in Survey Vanguard profits last night, I returned to my inbox and found this email with the title of “One Question Survey; Earn $5″:

You have participated in a beverage study and we just have one more question for you.

If you qualify and complete this survey, you’ll receive $5. In addition, you can play the Instant Win game and be entered into our $25,000 sweepstakes. If you have questions about this survey, please reference survey number 666524.

Survey length: 1 minute

Click here to begin:
[active link was placed here]

The question asked us about four different brands of beverage products and had us rate them according to whether or not we would buy each particular brand in the future. There were five choices ranging from “definitely would buy” to “definitely would not buy”. It was really more of a follow-up reply than a complete survey, but it was nice to have such a quick reward for a change.

Of course I would like to get these little “quickie” surveys more often. Theoretically, this would mean that I could get paid at the rate of $300 per hour! Unfortunately, this was not really a typical offer; most of these things take around five or ten minutes to complete. But on the whole, my experience with Survey Vanguard has turned out better than what I have found with most of the “get paid to” programs out there.

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    good good very nice i guess

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