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Recover Deleted Files with UnDelete Plus

May 21st, 2007

If you have ever had the experience of accidentally deleting a file that you had intended to save, there may still be some hope of recovering your data.

UnDelete Plus is a freeware application that can scan your hard disk drives and detect any files that may be recoverable. As most savvy computer users know, whenever you delete a file from your hard drive (including the recycle bin), you are only deleting the visible name of the file that appears in the directory. The data contained within the file itself still exists until the space on your drive that the file occupied is actually overwritten with other data.

This handy little utility program can help you recover these kinds of files. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system and works with all types of file systems including FAT-32, NTFS, NTFS-5, and most types of image files. It can recover data from both hard and floppy drives but has limited capabilities when working with CD or DVD types of storage media.

The interface of UnDelete Plus is refreshingly easy to use. It also supports 26 different languages; switching languages can be done instantly by clicking on the appropriate flag that appears on the main panel. To begin the recovery process, simply select the drive that you want to scan and click on the “Start Scan” option in the top left corner.

I was favorably impressed by the speed of the scan. My main drive is 160 GB in size, and the application was able to scan it completely in less than two minutes and display all of the files that were potentially recoverable. I also performed a scan on my backup drive of 40 GB and this was even faster, lasting only 25 seconds.

After the results of the scan are displayed, you can sort them according to file type, name, size, or last modification date. The program also shows a status indicator for each file ranging from “Overwritten” to “Very Good”, giving you a general idea of how likely it is that each file can be recovered. You can also search for a particular file by filtering the scan results and having the program display only a certain range of file names, types, or sizes.

UnDelete Plus also has a “Clean Drive” option that allows you to permanently wipe the free space on your drives after you have recovered anything that you want to keep. Overall, this is a very good program, especially considering that there is no cost for the download. It is also free of adware, spyware, and other such annoyances.

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