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Medieval Hits Traffic Exchange Changes Ownership

May 22nd, 2007

There has been a changing of the guard at the castle of Medieval Hits, a relatively new traffic exchange that I joined very soon after it opened about a month ago.

Apparently the previous “king” has stepped down and sold off the remnants of his fledgling kingdom to Canadian Internet marketer Larry Phillips. Concerning the plans of our new monarch, the latest email is pretty much self-explanatory:

Karl Erfurt,

Have You Heard the News?

We Have a New Owner!

Member 1002, Larry Phillips

Grand Re-Launch Surf/Referral Contest Launching June 1

Promote & Surf Every Day & Win Big!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Larry Phillips and I am the proud new owner of Medieval Hits

I am a 46 yr old internet marketer from Canada. I really liked Medieval Hits and when it unexpectedly came up for sale, I decided to buy it. I am an avid surfer myself, so I will be surfing this site with you. I should be able to keep this site a safe and profitable venue for us all.

We need to work together to move this exchange to the next level. I have reinstated all of the great contests, which were being offered by the previous owner. And, as well, I have an exciting new contest to announce.

There has never been a better time. See you in the arena

Grand Re-Launch of Medieval Hits Contest

A 2 stage contest running for 60 days starting June 1.

The first stage is for all of the current members only, so you have a great chance of winning. It will be a combined surf and referral contest. Here’s how it will work. Each referral will add 150 points to your daily surf total. (I do not believe in paid signups, so lets keep it a fair contest). Only legitimate signups who surf please. I will post the leaders each day and on July 1st, I will post the 3 winning ID numbers in the news section of the login page.
You must have at least 1 site in rotation to qualify. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Free banners and text links.

1st Prize 1yr Platinum Upgrade + 3000 credits
(in addition to normal rewards)

2nd Prize 1 yr Gold membership + 1000 credits
(in addition to normal rewards)

3rd Prize 2000 credits
(in addition to normal rewards)

So pick up your lance and mount your trusty steed!
and Charge!

I only have the one banner for you to work with, but I would reward anyone who creates and donates something cool (splash page or banner), with a date with the Medieval Princess – lol (she’s homely so take the 3000 credits from the King). All submissions must be in by June 28. I don’t know how many prizes that I will award. Guess it depends on the level of your response.

You can get a free page builder to work with at
NuVu web site builder Download
And a Jpg to Gif Converter and optimizer for the graphics at

Now the best part!
Stage 2 – The Playoffs

We start with a clean slate. New people and original people have an equal chance in the playoffs! The exact same rules but even bigger prizes!

1st Prize Lifetime Platinum Upgrade + 5000 credits
(in addition to normal rewards)

2nd Prize 1 yr Platinum membership + 3000 credits
(in addition to normal rewards)

3rd Prize 1 yr Gold membership + 2000 credits
(in addition to normal rewards)

Go Forth and Fight My Loyal Knights!

All The Best!

Larry Phillips

So far I have liked the surfing rhythm of this exchange because it has a 10 second timer and does not hang up too much when loading the next page. Another nice thing is that it offers free banner and text link ads (you do not even need to use your credits) as long as you are an active member. I have a pretty good reserve of credits built up at this site, which will allow me to promote this blog and a few of my affiliate pages a little more as we approach the summer months.

The only major downside to this program is that there are not many members here yet, which means that all of my credits are not helping me much because I am not able to get very many actual visitors to my pages. Hopefully, the new owner will turn up the promotional juice and get us some new members soon. If the incoming membership reaches critical mass and there is enough of an incentive for members to do their own promoting, the viral effect should kick in and the owner will be able to concentrate more on the administration of the site.

Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting the start of the June contest. If I don’t get too tied up with blogging issues, I just might be able to win this thing and maybe even bring in a few referrals. With Google still tying up most of my pages in the supplemental index, I am going to need all of the promotional power that I can get my little clicker on.

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