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Royal Surf Offers Cheaper Credits, Contests

May 24th, 2007

The administrator of Royal Surf is extending the opportunity to purchase website credits at lower prices for a few more days and is also offering higher random bonuses to regular surfers.

Similar to Medieval Surf, Royal Surf is a traffic exchange that awards website credits to members based on the number of sites visited, referrals, bonus clicks, and overall activity. It is one of the faster exchanges out there; it has a 10 second timer with regular bonuses of 4-10 credits for every 20 sites viewed (you have to click on the link that appears on the surfbar in order to claim the credits).

What I like about them is that they have a nice ranking system that awards members for regular activity. All members are ranked into “kingdoms” of 20 people each according to the number of points that each member has earned during the current week. Points are earned mostly by surfing, but a few extra points may be obtained by referral activity or through purchases of upgrades and credits from the site. At the end of the week, the top five kingdoms (which equates to the top 100 members) are awarded bonus credits based on the total activity of all members during the previous week.

In recent weeks, the exchange has experienced a backlog of extra credits, so the admin is selling them off a below normal prices and is also awarding somewhat larger surfbar bonuses for currently active members. Here is the latest announcement:

Hello Karl;

Wow! We’ve really been moving the credits lately and because of that, even though we’ve been selling credits packages like hotcakes, we’ve still got more… but the BIG SALE definitely ends soon so this is your chance to get a great bargain…

A Whopping 30% Off!

Through the end of Memorial Day weekend, or until we run out… whichever comes first. So go ahead and stock up for those large summer campaigns you know you need to run.

Remember, after Memorial Day (May 28th), the prices go back to normal.

By the way, your king has been feeling extra generous lately and if you go surf for the remainder of this evening you’ll see what I mean. Pay attention to and be sure to click on the bonus links that appear on the surfbar. We’re talking some awesome bonuses! :-)

Oh, and if you keep reading you’ll see that’s not all.

You know what? All those credits you earn don’t do you a bit of good if you don’t keep them assigned to your sites. The traffic is flowing fast and steady so you’ll want to check and make sure your sites aren’t out.

Oh, and a site on “Hold” won’t receive traffic either. ;-)

Now, onto the announcements of our many winners…

Nine winners have already been awarded 200 Bonus Credits EACH!

Our winners were randomly selected from those who surfed at least 100 sites during that day. The 200 Bonus Credits have already been added to their accounts.

Including TODAY, there are now TWO Bonus Credits Days left. If you surf a minimum of 100 sites you will be included in a drawing to win 200 Bonus Credits!

There will be THREE (3) drawings for each day… And, it IS possible to win more than once!

Reply within 24 hours of this mailing to receive 1,000 bonus credits!

If you miss the 24 hour window but still reply within 48 hours, you will receive 500 bonus credits!

If you miss the 48 hour window but still reply within 72 hours, you will receive 100 bonus credits.

After 72 hours? Sorry but you lose. Unfortunately, the first three members we chose for this never did reply and they lost out on 500 credits each. :-(

We will do this from time to time so be sure you stay qualified to be able to win! Here are the qualifications:

1. You must have actively surfed within 2 weeks of the date we randomly choose the winners.

2. You must respond within the time period.

Thanks, best wishes, and God Bless!

Michael Kelly

If you would like to generate more traffic to your website, you can join Royal Surf for free here and begin receiving traffic within 5-10 minutes.

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