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Adventures in Spam: The Sandwich Technique

May 25th, 2007

More of those inedible varieties of Spam have been arriving in my email over the past few days, and the latest batch of them has been using an old tactic that I like to call the “sandwich technique”.

In this approach, spammers take their advertisements and sandwich them in between lines of ordinary text in an attempt to fool spam filters into thinking that the email is not really an ad. The amount of extra text varies; I have seen some emails use two or three paragraphs of text at each end and slip in only a small amount of spam (usually no more than the website link or the URL disguised as a series of letters and symbols), while others are much more “meaty”, like this one for instance:

“Uh-huh. Well you see, that depends. I told you what the rates were.” He started for the telephone, clawed the receiver off the hook, and I opened a window and leaned my forehead against the screen to get a l —

Warning! Do not buy enhancement pills, they don’t work!

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carry around a bottle of pills. Enlarge Patch Rx is simply the best patch you will find, anywhere!

Our Enlarge Patches are the most respected in the industry, the highest quality at the best price.

As of yet no other patch has matched ours for pure potency and effectiveness, the results you see from
using Enlarge Patch are unreal!

Here are just a few of the thousands of happy testimonials we receive every year;

[three small paragraphs of spam testimonials were inserted here]

Have questions about Patches and how they work?

How do they work?
Are they safe?
Is there a guarantee?
Are results permanent?

Visit our website for all the answers! [this line of text was linked to the spammer’s website]

*UPDATE!* We are now offering a special discount price to all customers as thanks for all the repeat business we have
had over the past year! Visit our site to see the unreal price discounts we are offering for a limited time only!

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Click here to view price specials and website! [in the email, this text was hyperlinked to the spammer’s website]

— “Oh well. Just another screwball.” He shrugged and put his lip back up “Anyone is,” I said. “Especially a fellow like Orrin. The small-town Joseph P. Toad gathered the five hundred-dollar bills together, lined

For more studies and examples of spamming techniques, you can check out The Spammers’ Compendium, a site maintained by John Graham-Cunning that is dedicated to discussion of the latest anti-spam issues.

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