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Karlonia Finishes in First Place Groups at Two Traffic Exchanges

May 27th, 2007

Last week’s long days of finger-numbing surfing efforts have finally paid off. I have managed to place in the top groups at two different traffic exchanges, Royal Surf and Link Crews. This means lots of extra credits to use for future advertising campaigns.

Shortly after midnight last night, the email notifications arrived and informed me of my new winnings. The one from Link Crews showed up first:

Dear Karlonia,

This week you gathered a total of 12062.0 points through either surfing, referring or upgrading. By earning this many points you got yourself into Crew 1! Everyone in Crew 1 earned 1833.65 tokens at the end of the week. 1833.65 tokens have been added to your LinkCrews account!

We thank you for surfing, upgrading or referring and helping make LinkCrews a great advertising network.

Why not login to LinkCrews to check your new token balance and assign them!

Username: Karlonia
Tokens: 13035.57

Since this particular exchange uses four tokens for each hit back to my site, this means that I have 3,258 actual visitor credits at my disposal. I have not yet put any sites into the rotation here, but I should probably do so soon.

Then we have Royal Surf:

Subject: Your Joust Results

Hello Karl,

Your kingdom, Cavelot, has come in 1st. You have been awarded 2658 credits.

This one was actually a bigger prize because there is no “token” system; 1 credit = 1 visitor. I have about 6,000 credits in reserve here and am already generating traffic to this blog and one of my affiliate pages from here.

Winning these kinds of contests requires a certain amount of persistence. I went back and totaled up the number of sites that I had surfed last week in order to obtain the above results and came up with figures of approximately 5,700 sites for Royal Surf and 3,400 for Link Crews. This is a lot of surfing, but it is nice to store up advertising potential for the future.

I will probably take a break from most of the surfing for the next week or two simply because it is taking up too much of my time. I really need to concentrate on creating more content for this blog, not to mention design and theme issues that still need to be settled. I am also in dire need of some quality backlinks that can raise this site’s page rank status and hopefully bring most of my pages out of Google’s supplemental index.

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