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NFO MySurvey Releases May Newsletter

May 28th, 2007

The market research company NFO MySurvey is undergoing a slight name change and is announcing some new reward options. They have also released the results of a recent survey about digital photography.

Here is the latest edition of their newsletter, “Opinion Matters”:

Reward News and Preview of New Prizes for June

You had your eye on the Light Up 5-Port USB Hub reward option (1,000 points), and now it’s disappeared! Some of our reward items, like the 5-port USB hub, are so popular that our supplier has difficulty keeping them in stock. If the backorder time is long (as with the USB hub), we remove the item from the reward options list temporarily until the items are back in stock. Please check back; we are hoping to be able to list this reward again in the near future.

In early June we will be offering some new redemption options:

First-Aid Kit - A suggestion from one of our members! This 42-piece kit includes zipped nylon case, Mylar blanket, scissors, tweezers, two latex gloves, two elastic bandages, two surgical pads, one triangular bandage, ten 3″ bandages, four iodine prep pads, two antiseptic wipes, one roll of tape and ten cotton balls.

Wrap Around Headphones - Liven up your next workout with these headphones that wrap around the back of the ears to stay securely in place. 45″ cable. Works with iPods, MP3 players, portable CD players, and computers. Includes velvet pouch.

Electronic Sudoku Game - Get in on the latest game craze with this mind-stimulating game. With five levels of difficulty, and more than 10,000 number puzzles per level, it offers endless enjoyment for all ages.

Netflix Subscription - Get the newest DVD’s delivered right to your mailbox. We will be offering three different 1-month subscriptions.

MySurvey Messenger Upgrade Coming Soon!

MySurvey Messenger, a non-email way to notify you about survey invitations and other important information about membership, is a small software program that you can download and install (file size is about the size of an average photo you might download from the internet). When you are connected to the internet, the software checks to see if you have surveys to take. If you have surveys, an animated message appears on the bottom of your computer monitor. Those who decide to use MySurvey Messenger will continue to receive email invitations as a back up, but MySurvey Messenger makes sure you know about surveys waiting in case the email doesn’t reach your inbox or if you don’t check your email frequently. In addition to making sure you get your survey invitations, MySurvey Messenger provides the following benefits:

  • You receive 40 Reward Points for downloading and installing MySurvey Messenger.
  • You also receive an entry to win 50,000 Reward Points ($500 cash value) for installing MySurvey Messenger. One winner is selected each month from those who downloaded and installed during that month.
  • In the next few weeks we will be releasing a new version of MySurvey Messenger. The newest version will include features like:

  • Non-survey message alerts - to notify you if you win one of our sweepstakes, alert you of changes to our website or provide other information related to your membership.
  • Ability to modify how often the alert window opens.
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Better compatibility with Windows 98.
  • We will let you know as soon as the new version of MySurvey Messenger is available. For more information about the current version of MySurvey Messenger and the MySurvey Messenger Sweepstakes or to download it and try it, log into MySurvey.com and click on MySurvey Messenger on the top menu.

    New Logo and Name Change for NFO MySurvey

    First, a bit of history: NFO (National Family Opinion) started the first consumer panel in 1946 to help businesses develop products that consumers want and need. Several years ago, as the Internet grew, NFO created MySurvey to enable consumers to express their opinions online. In 2003, TNS Global, another major market research company, joined forces with NFO (National Family Opinion) to become the second largest research company in the world.

    In the near future, you’ll see our name change from NFO MySurvey to MySurvey. You’ll also see a slight change in our logo as we remove “NFO”.

    What does this mean for you? Aside from the logo’s slight appearance change, your membership and the services and benefits we provide to support our valued panelists will remain the same. TNS, like NFO, believes consumer opinions are vital in the development of products and services. The size and influence of the new combined company will continue to ensure that your opinions DO count in the marketplace.

    Survey Results - Digital Photography

    As digital photography advances more and more people are using this method to capture and store their memories. Recently we asked some of our members how they take pictures, 65% use a digital camera, 11.5% use a cell phone with camera capabilities, 10.9% use disposable cameras and only 7.8% use a standard film camera. Here’s what they do with their digital photos:

    Method % of Respondents
    Print photos on a personal printer 26.6%
    Take the storage/memory card to a photo shop for printing 21.6%
    Store the photos electronically 31.9%
    Upload the photos to a photo share website 13.8%
    Delete the photos from the camera without printing .07%
    Other 2.5%

    MySurvey Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

    From sand painting to spaghetti, from sushi to salsa dancing - the many and varied ethnic groups that comprise our country make us rich indeed. This month, we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. May was chosen as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese to the United States on May 7, 1843, and to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869. The majority of the workers who laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants. Here are some interesting statistics on Asian Americans:

  • 14.4 Million - the number of U.S. residents of Asian decent (as of July 2005). About 5% of the total population.
  • 2.3 Million - The number of people 5 and older who speak Chinese at home. After Spanish, Chinese is the most widely spoken non-English language in the country.
  • 293,321 - The number of Asian Americans who have served in the US Armed Forces.
  • 4.5 million - Number of Fortune Cookies made daily by the largest fortune cookie maker in the U.S., Wonton Food.
  • 5,988 feet - Length of longest sushi roll ever made (October 20, 2002 in Yoshinogari Park, Saga, Japan ).

  • We Always Want to Hear From You

    Thanks to all our members who have sent in feedback and suggestions about aspects of their MySurvey membership that they enjoy or dislike. We continue to welcome new ideas. If we use your idea or publish your comments, we’ll give you some reward points.

    The MySurvey Quick Poll is another way to voice your opinions. Don’t forget to cast your vote on our latest MySurvey Quick Poll or Take A Survey page. New poll topics are posted at least once each week.

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