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Quick Rewards Program Has New Design, Confirms Account

May 29th, 2007

Today I managed to re-access a program that I had almost forgotten about, the Quick Rewards Network. A few months ago, they changed over to a new server because the old one apparently could not handle the traffic load and there were continual slowdowns and interruptions in service. After joining the program during the period when they were having all of the problems, I became skeptical and had all but given up on them when I could no longer access my account. However, they have now resurfaced with a new server and interface.

Fortunately, I had never deleted the old Quick Rewards bookmark, so when I discovered this earlier today while sorting through my program lists, I decided to go back to the site and see if my username or email address was still in the system. Surprisingly, both of the email addresses (primary and secondary) that I had registered with them were still in there, but the system claimed that I had never activated the addresses, and in order to do this I needed to input a confirmation code for each of them. While it is probably true that I had not re-activated the email addresses after the changeover to the new system, my last contact with the site was months ago, so whatever confirmation code emails that they might have sent were long gone.

I was hoping to find a “send confirmation code” or “re-activate email address” button somewhere on the site so that I could simply collect the needed codes and try logging into my account again. The FAQ and Help sections on the site even implied that such a button or link existed, but ultimately I had no choice but to email their support department and hope that I got some sort of response:

Please send a confirmation code to my email address [I listed both registered addresses here]. My user ID is Karlonia. I registered for Quick Rewards several months ago under the old system and have been unable to access my account since the changeover to the new interface.

Also, you may want to consider amending either the FAQ section or the site interface. After logging into my account with my user ID and password, I could see both email addresses that I had registered, but I still could not access the system until I confirmed the addresses. So I checked the FAQ section for help on how to confirm email addresses and found this:

What to do if I didn’t receive the confirmation code?

Simply click on Password/Confirm link on the front page and enter your email when requested or you may always email us to send you your confirmation code.

However, I could not find any place on the site to have a confirmation code sent. There does not seem to be any “Password/Confirm link”. Your technical support manager may want to look into this.

Thank you,

Karl Erfurt

About 12 hours later, I received a reply, and the news was more favorable than I had expected:

I confirmed your account. See if you can login now. I also did the balance transfer.
We took that box down for upgrades. It should be back up in a few days.

I was able to log in and the balance from the old account had indeed been transferred. The amount was actually a little higher than I expected, probably because there were some rewards that had been listed as pending when I last accessed the system, and these were now properly credited to my account.

Along with the new interface, there are also some new reward options that were not there before, such as trivia questions and daily surveys. Most of the new features are explained on the Quick Rewards Blog, the link to which I also discovered in my old bookmark listings. After I get a little bit more of a balance built up, I will attempt a PayPal cashout (the site says that there is no minimum payout for this) and see if it works. After payment is confirmed, I will gather information from other available sources and write up a full review.

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