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Clixsense Sends Out May Paychecks

June 2nd, 2007

Update 5/09/12: Please see my updated review of ClixSense here.

ClixSense, one of the better PTR programs out there at the moment, has officially processed paychecks for members’ May earnings. I have managed to earn a little over two dollars from clicking here so far, but I have not really tried to bring in any referrals yet. I may want to write some ads for this one though; apparently they are offering a special incentive for signing up referrals during the month of June. You can read about the details of this in their latest email:

Dear Karl Erfurt,

Be sure to read this entire message. Learn how to earn even more with your ClixSense.com account!

Current member earnings $94,331.00!!! If your account reached your minimum payout level for the month of May, you’ll notice in your account details that your payment has been processed. Paychecks are printing now and will go out with today’s mail. If you did not reach the minimum payment level, your account balance has rolled forward and will continue to accumulate until the payout level is reached. Keep clicking, keep viewing, and keep EARNING!

Special affiliate incentive for June

Effective immediately, during the month of June, we will not only continue the $5 upgrade bounty, and give affiliates 10% commissions on the ad revenue, but we will also give you even more! We will credit your account with 10 cents for each new member that you refer to ClixSense.com (currently, this will count for the month of June only). Not only that, but the referrals that sign up with you will not have to upgrade, spend money, or jump through any silly monkey hoops! All you need to do is refer them and you will be paid the 10 cent bonus! Your potential earnings per referral are $5.10 PLUS commission on any ads they might purchase!

Now for the ugly stuff – If you are caught cheating the affiliate program, your account will be immediately terminated and any balance forfeited. If you cheat it, you will get caught. Remember, only ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD as we want to continue quality traffic for our advertisers. We’d like for this new incentive to be rewarding to everyone. Enjoy and earn!

ADVERTISERS: Get your ads in now. We expect with this new incentive program for membership to explode! Reach a whole new audience with ClixSense.com.

Happy summer, happy clicking, and happy earnings from ClixSense.com!

Thank you,
ClixSense.com Inc.

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