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Karlonia Opens Borders, Joins NoNoFollow, DoFollow Communities

June 3rd, 2007

Today I have removed the nofollow attribute from all comment links by installing the Nofollow Case by Case plugin, thus allowing all commentators to receive credit for links back to their sites.

By default, WordPress blogs automatically apply the “rel=nofollow” tag to all links in the comments section, which prevents those links from being followed by search engine spiders or counted in Google’s page rank algorithm. Ostensibly this was done in order to prevent spam and abuse of SEO practices, but recently a growing number of bloggers have begun rebelling against this one-size-fits-all type of system. Several plugins have been created that remove the nofollow attribute from all links in the blog so that comment authors who add content to the site can receive credit for their links. Bloggers who have discovered the existence of such modifications and actually use them become part of the NoNoFollow community, alternatively referred to as DoFollow or IFollow.

In the libertarian spirit of free trade, free markets, and open immigration, it seems appropriate for Karlonia to allow visitors from other “cyber countries” to receive credit for their contributions without having to deal with annoying nofollow barriers. The only significant drawback to this policy is the possibility of comment spam, but with Oliver Bockelmann’s Nofollow Case by Case plugin it is possible to use nofollow selectively by adding the “/dontfollow” text at the end of any links that I do not want to support. This allows me to block the potentially unfavorable effects of obvious spam links without having to censor the content of the comments.

On a side note, search engine spiders will also have greater freedom to travel throughout the site because I have tentatively removed all robots.txt restrictions. According to my Webmaster Tools account at Google, the previous restrictions were causing some of my pages not to be indexed by the search engines, and it was becoming apparent from looking at the indexed page results that the site was not being sufficiently crawled. Although I have been doing everything that I can to avoid duplicate content issues with the Wordpress format in an attempt to keep my pages out of the supplemental index, the problem with supplementals has actually gotten worse after using the various robots.txt tweaks. Therefore I have finally decided to remove all barriers to the spiders and start over from the beginning. This should allow more pages to be properly indexed and give me a chance to have at least some of the pages make it into the regular index so that I can receive some much needed traffic.

One Response to “Karlonia Opens Borders, Joins NoNoFollow, DoFollow Communities”

  1. comment number 1 by: Elina

    I comment like crazy just for the fun of it. However… Getting a link is certainly a bonus. I have my own list that I track in Google reader. If I see a great post in that feed, reading it will usually get priority over reading other blog posts that have nofollow installed.

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