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Probable Scam Warning: DrumCash.com

June 4th, 2007

Earlier today, I noticed a site called DrumCash.com that I had not seen for a long time being promoted in the StartXchange traffic exchange. I also saw this site appear at least once over at Crazy Traffic as well. Since I have some prior experience with this particular program, I figured that it would be a good idea to inform whoever is still promoting this page (along with any other innocent newbies out there who may have recently signed up) that this program is almost certainly a scam.

Drum Cash (also often spelled as DrumCash) is supposedly an affiliate program that allows members to promote their referral page and receive 5 cents per click for every unique visitor that lands on the page within a 24-hour period. One of their “hooks”, aside from the too-good-to-be-true $.05 just for getting a visitor to the page (no action or sales required) is that they will accept a wider spectrum of traffic than most other affiliate programs, including adult and even warez sites. They also offer 10% referral commissions on clicks from anyone that signs up through your referral link.

According to their terms, they are supposed to pay on a “Net 30″ basis, which means that paychecks are sent out 30 days after the end of the last month in which you had earnings that exceed the minimum payment threshold, which in this case is $100. I signed up with DrumCash back in mid-2004 and tallied $142 worth of clickthroughs but have never been paid, nor have I ever received even a single email from the company. At the time, I searched through many of the popular online money making forums hoping to find out more information about the program, and although there were several other people that had joined, there was not a single report of anyone actually being paid.

By September 2004, I stopped promoting DrumCash and wrote it off as a probable scam, figuring that the site would soon disappear after the current hosting and/or domain name expired, which is what usually happens to sites of this nature. Having been almost two years since I have seen any DrumCash page or had anything to do with the program, I was quite surprised to see it appear in the traffic exchanges recently. Out of curiosity, I tried logging in under my username and was actually able to do so, after which I noticed that all of my old information was still there, including the $142 of earnings that had never been paid.

Back in 2004-05, the program seemed to produce most of its revenue through popup advertisements that were generated whenever a visitor landed on someone’s referral page. DrumCash pages used to be fun to promote at scam PTR sites because they typically contained a torrent of popups, usually about nine or ten that would appear one after the other in rapid succession after about a 1-second pause. Since many computer users at the time still did not have popup blockers installed or know about Firefox (which blocks popups automatically by default), people would often go into conniption fits whenever they clicked on a DrumCash link. Afterward, they would complain in vain to the webmasters of those poorly managed PTR sites.

When I checked the referral page earlier today I noticed that there are no longer any popups; instead the link goes to a page from one of those rinky-dink PPC search engines with some search results and a few banners on it. With my Firefox Search Status extension, I also noticed that the DrumCash home page had a page rank of 7(!) and a pretty decent Alexa rank as well, which suggests that there may be a significant number of people that are still promoting this. The relatively high page rank especially surprised me; this suggests that some other important or well-ranked sites are linking to them. Later this evening, I will run a backlink check on them to see exactly which sites these are.

I did several Google searches on related keywords and found that information about the program was pretty sketchy. Many of the results were from classified ads originating from Asian countries like Indonesia and Singapore. The remainder of the results mostly consisted of people asking about the program on various forums and for the most part receiving very little reliable information. Interestingly, just as I had observed nearly two years ago, there was still not a single report or confirmation of anyone actually receiving payment. Several people had tried to contact the company through the support email address on the site, but no one ever received a reply. The general consensus was that the program is a scam, yet no one can seem to figure out exactly who is running this operation or where it is really located.

At this point, anyone that is still promoting DrumCash should pull their ads and save their credits and/or money because I cannot imagine that the company will ever pay out anything, at least not voluntarily. However, if anyone has information that could prove me wrong on this, I would really like to see it. Otherwise, it seems that whoever is actually running this thing has managed to elude any real investigation and is operating one of the longest running scam sites that I have seen on the Internet thus far.

2 Responses to “Probable Scam Warning: DrumCash.com”

  1. comment number 1 by: Elisabeth Cole

    Just thought I would tell you about another scam that is again being promoted on several Traffic Exchanges. It is called Super Free Cash. I know that at least 2 people (myself and another person I know) sent them money which they acknowledged receiving and then they claim to have lost their records. They do not acknowledge emails sent to them but keep sending emails requesting that more money be sent. Stay away from them if you do not want to lose your money.

  2. comment number 2 by: Anonymous

    a few years ago (i dont remember wich year, its between 2004 to 2006)i tried working with this program (drumcash), and i recomended it to a friend also, i made 1100 usd worth in singups with their join4free program
    well. they comed up with the storie that they dont pay for spanish sites, i didnt get my 1100 usd and my friend who made 2500 usd didnt recive his payment until now, they dont even replay to emails send to them, so all i can say is that they are scam

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