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Crazy-Traffic Experiences Credit Display Glitches

June 7th, 2007

Displays of members’ accumulated credits and page views at the manual traffic exchange Crazy-Traffic have been behaving erratically over the past few days, leading to speculation that this particular program may have been appropriately named.

A few days ago, after I had surfed about 200 pages and checked to see where my position was on the daily leader board and in the overall monthly contest, I noticed that my daily tally did not quite match up with the actual number of sites that I had surfed (this total is displayed on the surfbar). The number of sites recorded by the system was slightly less than the true number, but the discrepancy was not very high, so I let it go at first. It also appeared that I was still receiving the proper number of credits in terms of the actual number of page views that could be sent back to my site.

Beginning yesterday however, these discrepancies started getting substantially larger, and it was becoming obvious that there was either a serious technical glitch going on, or we were dealing with an unscrupulous traffic exchange owner that was attempting to manipulate the system. Regardless of the actual cause, since this is one of the two exchanges that I am targeting to win the monthly contest, I was beginning to feel somewhat cheated and finally decided to email the site’s support department:

Dear Admin,

Something has been going seriously wrong with the way that page views are being recorded by the system lately.

I have just surfed 200 pages this morning and then checked the “Surfing Bonus” page under Tools. It’s showing only 70 clicks! The “Contest” page for the overall monthly totals also shows that less than 200 clicks have been added.

This problem occurred yesterday also, although it was somewhat less severe. I had surfed a total of 400 pages, but the Surfing Bonus page had only tallied 289. That is still a loss of over 25% of my clicks that never got recorded and apparently were simply wasted.

On previous days, there have also been discrepancies between the number of sites surfed (which displays beside “this session” in the surfbar) and the number of page views that have been recorded by the system for daily bonus and contest purposes. These discrepancies were generally not as large as they have been for the past two days, but they were still noticeable.

It has become clear that the problem is progressively getting worse and it is definitely time that someone brought this to your attention. You may want to consider doing something about this soon; if other people notice these obvious discrepancies, they may believe that they are being cheated out of hits and contest winnings even though this may not be the case. Consequently, people are not going to continue surfing this particular traffic exchange if they believe that they are not going to be properly credited for their time and effort. And this would not be good for your business…


Karl Erfurt

Fortunately, I received a reply from Admin about two hours later:

The hits should be crediting to your account correctly even though they are showing wrong in the daily clicks.I am hoping that this will be corrected in the next couple of days

thank you

The point about the actual hits crediting correctly is true; I have been getting plenty of site credits, more than I have been able to use up so far. Fortunately, all of this credit craziness does not seem to have affected my standing in the June contest, at least not unfavorably:

ID Name Surfed
58605 Karlonia 1734
58586 Hal Gall 773
58047 Kathy 326
58623 raghavan.v.s 326
58260 jeremyfive 297
58620 sasikala 263
58465 kamlesh 262
58532 shrisubitha 250
58562 K.Geetha 246
58626 Mistery 242

Later this evening, I logged back in and surfed another 100 pages just to see if anything had changed. I noticed that this time, 95 clicks had been added to the daily total. That’s still a little lower than it should be, but it’s pretty close; perhaps Admin is actually doing something to improve the display accuracy.

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