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How Spam Filters Affect Email Marketers

June 8th, 2007

While spammers will often use all sorts of interesting tactics to disguise the content of their messages, I have received an email earlier today that shows that even legitimate marketers sometimes resort to tricky techniques because so many emails get blocked by spam filters even when they really shouldn’t.

Here is an example of such a situation. This is not a spam mail; I had opted in to this particular marketer’s list in order to take advantage of some free e-books that he was offering. Note how he puts little periods in between the letters of words like “money” and “income”. This is done in order to get the message through the strong filters of many of the free email services such as AOL and Excite that target the prevalence of certain words and then flag the whole message as spam.

Hi Karl,

David Zohar here from Myfreegiveaway.com

Have you checked the I.ncome Opportunity attached with
your Myfreegiveaway.com membership?

Did you know that you can make m.oney by giving away
f.ree memberships to Myfreegiveaway.com ?

Yes, you can Earn $33.50 Instantly To Your ClickBank
Account when you promote your affiliate link for the

Karl, Go to members area, click on the
“Earn M.oney” link and pickup your affiliate link.
You will also find promo tools for your promotion of

Here are just a few ideas how you can promote your
affiliate link:

1) You may distribute this Package as a precious gift to
your friends, co-workers, business associates, or anyone
you desire. (They’ll surely appreciate you for the kind

2) Share this Package to your visitors, customers and
subscribers to build trust and rapport. (You’ll surely
win their hearts!)

3)Use this Package as an incentive or bonus for signing
up to your newsletter. (This will instantly increase your
subscription rates because they’ll get a valuable Package
for f.ree!)

4)Increase the perceived value of your product and service
by offering this Package as a bonus.

To your Success

David Zohar

Click on the link below to CANCEL your subscription or EDIT your details:
[unsubscribe link was placed here]

To report sp*m by this member:
Please forward this email to [email contact address] or follow the above link for immediate removal.

The e-books are actually a pretty good deal considering that all I had to do was sign up for this list, especially since I can always unsubscribe later if the information in the newsletters becomes too repetitive or is no longer useful to me. There is also a “one time offer” thing that appears after subscribing; if you wish, you can take advantage of this and then make some extra money later by promoting it through their affiliate program.

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