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IrfanView Photo Editor Is Powerful, Versatile

June 10th, 2007

irfanview-32-photo-editor.jpgIrfanView is an impressive freeware photo editor and graphics viewer with significant image processing capabilities. It is a very handy utility program that can open nearly all available image files and formats. Originally developed by Bosnian programmer Irfan Skiljan and sporting a public release history dating back to 1996, it is still being actively maintained and receiving very favorable reviews. The latest version is 4.00 and includes improved compatibility with Windows Vista, along with new options for image displays and batch processing.

This application is very versatile due to the many plugins that are available; these will allow you to read virtually any image file that one may encounter. Some plugins even make it possible to play video and audio files in formats such as Real Audio, Apple Quicktime, and Windows Media Player.

Once an image file is opened in IrfanView, you can modify it in many different ways, including rotating, resizing, cropping, annotating, enhancing colors, and converting between different file formats. You can also perform batch processing operations on multiple image files, which is a powerful time saver in many situations. For example, you can apply certain adjustments such as renaming files or changing formats to an entire folder at once without having to do anything with each image individually.

Previous users and reviewers have commented favorably on its other useful features, such as screen capture, customization options, slide show mode for viewing multiple images, and overall ease of use. Another big plus that has been widely mentioned is its relatively small size (approximately 1.1 MB) in comparison to its features and functionality.

IrfanView is completely free for non-commercial use, while commercial users can purchase a license for $12. Various download locations are available here:

IrfanView Free Download from Irfanview.com

One Response to “IrfanView Photo Editor Is Powerful, Versatile”

  1. comment number 1 by: sly

    Irfanview is really a great application, easy to use and can be learned by yourself. I use it for quite some time and never faced any problem.
    Best part i liked about it is save for web applications, in which one can optimize image for web use. Also resizing image in terms of dimension is also a great help.

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