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Medieval Hits Member Teaches Lessons on List Building

June 12th, 2007

Just as things were sailing along smoothly for me in the June contest at Medieval Hits, a relatively new member named Marina Afanasyeva suddenly managed to collect enough referrals to win first place in the daily competitions for the past two days. Although this was quite unsettling (I had won first place for most of the previous days), the admin allowed her to write up a quick summary of how she managed to gain all of these referrals in such a short time and displayed it under the daily updates on our member page. As I had suspected when I saw the numbers, this success was the result of her previous efforts in list building.

Hopefully she won’t mind if I reprint the story here and provide her with a little extra publicity:

Here is my short “how I did it” story.

I started learning about online marketing at the end of 2005. During my first few months online, I wasted a lot of money, tried many different programs, quit many different programs, and made many mistakes. Eventually, I started listening to what successful marketers were saying. The most important thing I’ve ever done for my business was to become serious about building my own list. I now have over 2,300 subscribers. Having my own list helped me build large downlines in mulitiple programs and win referral competitions. In 2007, I won referral competitions in Max Traffic Pro (1st place), Traffic Splash (1st place), S.W.A.T. Traffic (1st place, twice), among others.

For the last two days, I received almost 30 new downline members in Medieval Hits. All of them came from one email ad to my list of subscribers.

To build your own list, you need a good autoresponder and a good lead capture page.

And traffic exchanges are a great place to build a list!

Marina Afanasyeva

List building is something that I have sorely neglected for far too long, and this latest little episode has been a good reminder of this. Fortunately, I already knew about the lucrative potential of having one’s own base of subscribers and have been making preparations for this by surfing and promoting in various traffic exchanges. This has allowed me to accumulate a growing reserve of credits that can be used to promote my lead capture and splash pages after I get an autoresponder and some newsletter content set up. Having a blog like this one should help also; whenever I make a post here that contains useful content, I can simply point my subscribers to the blog post and provide extra value to the newsletter.

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