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AdBux Clone Bux.to Launches, Rapidly Gains Members

June 13th, 2007

If at first you don’t succeed…copy someone else! This appears to be the motto of a new site called Bux.to that was launched earlier this week and is now making the rounds in traffic exchanges and paid-to-read (PTR) programs. A fairly shameless clone of the popular paid-to-click site AdBux, it has already managed to attract over 6,000 members in its first three days and is currently experiencing ongoing server maintenance because of the heavy traffic.

Like AdBux, the new site offers one cent for each advertisement that is clicked and viewed for at least 30 seconds from within the members area. Affiliates of the program can also earn an additional one cent per click for ads viewed by their referrals. Members are paid by PayPal once their balance reaches $10 or more.

Much of the recent success of these kinds of programs seems to come from the fact that Clickbank affiliates (and a few others, but most of the ads that I have seen so far are for Clickbank products) can advertise “work at home” types of products to a fairly targeted audience and make a few sales. Although I have never tried it from the advertising end, the idea makes sense; most of the members of AdBux and similar programs are clicking for small amounts of money and are already actively looking for more opportunities that will allow them to earn money from Internet based activities.

Bux.to and its predecessors charge advertisers $3.40 per 100 unique clicks or $34 per thousand, so this means that if you are promoting a product that pays a commission of at least $34, you would need only a 0.1% conversion rate (one sale per 1000 clicks) in order to break even. The quality of traffic is probably still not as good as PPC search on targeted keywords, but some of the affiliates and vendors out there must be making some money on this deal because otherwise I should not be seeing ads for the same products over and over again!

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