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Royal Surf Announces Father’s Day Bonuses, Tweaks Credit Awards

June 17th, 2007

The Royal Surf traffic exchange is temporarily increasing the regular credit bonuses beginning today and is also increasing the frequency of randomly occurring letter bonuses that appear on the surfbar. It is unclear exactly how long these increases will last, but I can confirm that they are still in effect right now, which is approximately 10 PM Central time on the date of this post. Here is the latest email from the current admin detailing the latest developments:

Hello Karl;

I hope you are having a great evening and that all you fathers out there will have a wonderful day tomorrow as well!

Being a proud father myself, I decided to liven things up around here and add a little more fun to things.

How’s this for more fun… earn traffic Faster and Easier than ever at RoyalSurf! :-)


1. increased surf ratios across the board,

2. set credits links to 10 each (at least for a while), and

3. boosted a lot of the bonuses you earn as you complete the Quests in the Joust.

Not only did I increase several of those bonuses but I also made it easier in a lot of respects to earn several of them. Some may actually come quite easily but not all… I do have to leave some challenge for you. ;-)

By the way, if anyone’s confused about how to compete in the Joust let me just say this, “You are making it harder than it is.” To participate in the Joust and earn bonuses, all you have to do is S-U-R-F.

That’s right. It all happens automatically and the more you surf the more chances you have of earning bonuses.

If you advance a kingdom before you complete a Quest that is G-O-O-D! It’s good, even if you have to repeat a Quest… in fact, that’s just another chance to earn credits bonuses.

So in short, the main thing you do want to do is just simply watch for the credit bonus text links that appear on the surfbar every 20 page views that you surf. If you click on that link every time it shows up, you will earn far more credits at RoyalSurf than you will at any other traffic exchange out there… and that’s a F-A-C-T!

Thanks, best wishes, and God Bless, and have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Michael Kelly

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