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Humorous News Stories: Car-Baked Cookies and Mysterious Honey Dippers

June 19th, 2007

After looking at the category listings last night, I realized that I have not made a post for the humor topic since the article on April Fools Day jokes. So today as I was doing my usual surfing at the traffic exchanges I started paying attention to any humorous stories that might be contained in people’s pages and links. I eventually ran across two stories that were relevant enough to fit into the category but that most of you have probably not seen yet because these kinds of stories seldom make it into the front page headlines.

New Hampshire Resident Uses Dashboard for Baking Cookies

During periods of particularly hot weather, it is not uncommon to hear the expression, “it’s so hot that I could fry eggs on the sidewalk”. Well, it turns out that there was a story from last August about a lady in Bedford, New Hampshire who did not do exactly that, but managed to do the next best thing- baking cookies on the dashboard of her SUV. In the summer months, it is possible for even northern states like New Hampshire to reach the kinds of temperatures that we are accustomed to seeing here in south Texas, in this case mid to high 90’s. Combined with the greenhouse effect that occurs inside a closed vehicle that sits under direct sunlight, it can actually get hot enough for baking and slow cooking.

This is also a good example of why it is not a good idea to leave small children or pets inside of a closed vehicle under such conditions, even for a short period of time. Temperatures of approximately 140 degrees or more are sufficient to begin scalding and cooking skin and muscle tissue (not to mention causing severe heatstroke), and will kill any living organism.

Mysterious Honey Dipper Stick Becomes Featured Logo

Another story from The Sneeze involves a curious trend in cereal advertisements toward the use of a specially shaped wooden stick called a honey dipper to indicate the presence of honey. What makes this funny is that some companies have taken this idea to the point where the almighty Honey Dipper has become some sort of official logo or icon that is apparently supposed to be worshiped by honey-flavored cereal lovers everywhere. As the article’s author Steven notes, this utensil is seldom actually used, at least when compared to the total number of cereal consumers. Yet companies like Post are beginning to feature it so prominently on their boxes that they seem to think the honey dipper is more important than the cereal itself.

I’m not quite sure what it all means; it is possible that it’s just some kind of “me too” fad of marketing psychology that has taken hold in the cereal industry. Or maybe these companies are secretly priming us with these curious little images so that they can turn around later and sell us all a bunch of honey dippers at a nice profit margin once they have us convinced that it is some kind of special symbol. Such an idea may seem far-fetched at first, but when I consider some of the previous fads like the Cabbage Patch dolls, the Elmo dolls, and the like, I have to admit that this would be a clever little marketing ploy. And knowing the impulsive, not-so-rational tendencies of American consumers, it wouldn’t surprise me if such a strategy actually worked.

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