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Bonnie “Stormspotter” Davis Wins Weekly Award

June 24th, 2007

This week’s “Top Builder” award at Medieval Hits went to Bonnie Davis for her consistent surfing and promotional activity over the past few days. She is also known as Stormspotter for her work as a volunteer for Oklahoma County Emergency Management, which involves tracking potentially dangerous storms and warning the public about any tornadoes that may spawn from them. Like Richard DeHawkinz, she is also on our team at StartXchange, where she has also been very active in surfing and promoting her sites. This is her feature piece for Medieval Hits:

I would like to introduce myself and describe how I became involved with Internet Marketing and promoting.

My name is Bonnie aka stormspotter. Until approximately two years ago, I was not an every day computer user. I had “on the job” entry-level computer knowledge. This, however, was not remotely close to marketing or promoting.

I began by signing up in a friends FreeStoreClub downline, thus obtaining an e-commerce store. Joe taught me this end of marketing. I started joining the exchanges and surfing. In time, I found which exchanges I liked the most and stayed with them. I do surf other TE’s occasionally to possible reach new people. In the meantime, I became the owner of Stormspotter.org.

At this time, I would like to acknowledge a few people. Several TE owners, including Tim of StartXchange, Rich of Traffic Heroes and of course, Larry of Medieval Hits who have taught me many ways of promoting through splash pages and branding. Richard (DeHawkinz/HawkinzWeb Designs) has helped me tremendously (and with a lot of patience) regarding hyperlinks, html codes and various computer techniques. He has also made the majority of my splash pages and banners. Without all of their help and others, whom I may have failed to mention, I would not be where I am today.

They have taught me the main point in promoting is getting yourself and your product out there. The more you surf, which I do a lot of, the more you are known and trusted. This results in getting referrals. The more referrals you have, the more you and your products are promoted.

I have come a long way from being data entry to being the new owner of GlobalHits.org.

My experiences here at Medieval Hits have been very enjoyable and brought me several new members. Larry has also helped me considerably with GlobalHits.org. I would also like to thank him for awarding me “Top Builder” of the week.

Bonnie (stormspotter)

Stormspotter is credited as being my referrer at StartXchange and is doing quite well here; she has been one of the more active members at the forum and even transferred some free credits to my account when I first joined the exchange about one month ago. She also sent me a nice PM (private message) praising me for my surfing and posting activity.

I am in the process of registering at her Stormspotter.org site, which seems to provide some interesting weather reports and tornado-related information. There is also a blog section of the site, but it is updated rather infrequently (last update was about two weeks ago), and I cannot seem to find a place to leave comments or trackbacks. The FAQ section also needs updating. Currently its title is “Example FAQs” while the text reads “Here you will find an example set of FAQs”; this is probably default text from the original template. After I have a chance to read through more of the content behind the login page, I will bookmark the site for further review.

3 Responses to “Bonnie “Stormspotter” Davis Wins Weekly Award”

  1. comment number 1 by: Bonnie

    All areas of my site, with the exception of FAQ which is under construction, have been updated and you may now leave comments.
    Thank you.

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia

    Perhaps I am overlooking something, but upon returning to your site, I still cannot find any places for leaving comments. Beside the titles in the blog section, I can see three options: PDF, Print, and Email. But I do not see any comment areas, even after registering and logging in. I did notice that the FAQ text has been updated, however, and even has a nice little picture of a scroll beside it.

  3. comment number 3 by: Bonnie

    On the Welcome page, left side, you will see Contact Us. Click on that and it will take you to “click here to email our staff”. Click on my name and it will send your comments to me.
    Thank you for registering at Stormspotter.Org

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