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Libertarian Party Fundraising Letter Highlights Recent Improvement

June 28th, 2007

Shane Cory, the Executive Director of the National Libertarian Committee, sent out a fundraising letter to the email subscriber lists today, pointing out some encouraging developments in our membership trends and hoping to bring in the donations required for us to overcome the outstanding ballot access barriers in preparation for the 2008 election season. So far, 26 states are definitely “in the bag” and will not require further attention, but a major petition drive is currently underway in North Carolina. Party members in several other states are waiting until the laws allow us to officially start collecting signatures. Ballot access status in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania is currently on hold pending decisions by the state courts.

Dear Libertarian,

We’re now nearly halfway through the year and the Libertarian Party is gaining speed and making progress.

In addition to our 2007 electoral gains (so far we’ve won 9 out of our 27 races . . . 33.3%!), we’ve also seen membership gains every single month this year! This is a very good sign given that we are coming off a streak of nearly 21 consecutive months of membership losses!

We still have a long way to go before we make it back to, at least, our membership peak in the late 90’s. In the July issue of LP News, we tell all about the rise and fall of the LP’s membership levels. Of course, if you’re not a member you won’t be able to read it. If that’s the case, please take the next step and join the LP or renew your membership.

One interesting development that we’ve seen recently is the rise in new Libertarians who are also members of U.S. Military.

Nearly 7% of our newest members are active duty military. That’s significantly higher than what should be expected. By our modest estimates, about 14 times higher!

As Republicans stubbornly stand by President Bush and his invasion and occupation of Iraq, Democrats sit idly by and choose to do nearly nothing as their competition is faltering on their own.

While the politicians in Washington are mired in partisan politics without consideration to their impact on our nation, our men and women in Iraq continue to fight and die in a conflict that should have never been.

The Libertarian Party has consistently called for the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and we now believe that it is more important than ever.

With each passing day, the violence increases in the region with no end in sight.

To prove this, last month was our deadliest month since November of 2004 (you may recall the operations in Fallujah occurred days after the presidential election). This is despite Bush’s recent “surge” in which 21,500 additional troops were deployed to the region.

While the R’s and D’s have played politics with the lives of our fighting men and women, we’ve consistently stood by our troops by requesting that they be removed from harm’s way and withdrawn from Iraq.

It’s really no surprise that more active duty military personnel are deciding on their own to join the party of principle.

As we gain ground in expanding the size of the party, our financial situation has hit some bumps in the road.

While we are still keeping our head above water, we’re falling far behind our 2007 budget. This could dramatically damage our party’s growth along with our ballot access and electoral efforts for 2008.

For the past several months we’ve been paying ballot access petitioners in North Carolina and have used nearly all of the funds that were raised earlier in the year. (By the way, these Libertarian petitioners in NC are doing a GREAT job!)

In addition to the ballot access efforts, we’re reaching out to the public in numerous ways and “prospecting” for new members. We’re also reaching out to long-time Libertarians who have not supported the party for quite a while. This is the reason why we have been able to show positive membership gains each month. However, this is expensive work.

The more we do to expand the size of our party this year, the more it will improve our efforts next year. You see, in prospecting for new members, most organizations are lucky if their gifts from new members match their expenses (breaking even). Some frequently take losses, something we cannot afford to do.

The real benefits of membership growth takes place a year after the member joins, during the renewal process. Our costs for renewing a membership are very small in comparison to what it takes to acquire a new member.

This time next year, during the national excitement of the presidential campaign season, we hope to be doing all that we can to promote the party and assist our candidates with the additional funds that we will have due to membership growth.

That means we have to do everything possible this year to increase the size of the party in addition to our other efforts such as ballot access.

Earlier this month, we started a significant prospecting program in which we reach out to individuals who have registered to vote as libertarians but have never actually joined the LP.

Over 200,000 people are on that list and we’re able to reach them in small batches of about 10,000 . . . as that’s all that we can afford to do.

At this pace, it will take us well over two years to work through this list of registered libertarians.

The good news is that the company we are working with guarantees that, within six months, we will earn back the money that we spend on prospecting.

We just started this program a few weeks ago and over 280 people have committed to joining the party. We expect that at the end of this initial drive, we’ll have over 400 new Libertarians!

I know that this may not sound like a lot of people, but remember, if our numbers hold we can bring in thousands of new members.

In order to get this program really moving, we need to speed up the process. Each round of registered libertarians that we reach costs us $12,000.

We have one round currently off of the ground and paid for but it will take up to six months to recoup our costs.

We would like to start a new round each month for the next five months. After that time the program would be self funding.

It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to immediately raise $60,000 right now, and we really don’t need to. What we need to make this happen right now is $12,000.

With a $15 donation from you today, we could realistically reach this goal.

To move forward each month, you can simply join the Liberty Club by giving $15 per month. It’s a great way to give and helps the LP more than you could imagine.

Will you help grow the party by donating today?

To join the Liberty Club, click here and be sure to check the option to make your first gift now so we can get started!

If you’re not quite ready to join the Liberty Club but still want to help, please click here and donate a one-time gift of $15 or more!

Any support that you can offer is greatly appreciated. I am very excited about this project and with the progress we are making. Please help us make this an outstanding year by showing your support today.

Thank you for all that you do and please don’t hesitate to contact me or another staff member with any questions or concerns by calling 1-800-Elect-Us.

In Liberty,

Shane Cory
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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    Don’t just ask for a donation. Show your readers how their donations will make a difference. Instead of saying, “Send a gift today,” say, “Your gift to Habitat for Humanity today means that another family will soon move into a simple, decent, affordable home—thanks to you.”

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