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Karlonia Wins June Contest at Medieval Hits

July 1st, 2007

Well, this one doesn’t really need much further explanation. Here is what I saw on the members page when I logged into Medieval Hits today. My feature piece that I was asked to write is placed between the green lines. And yes, the text was actually centered like that!

Member News
First of all, I would like to say how proud I am
of all of my citizens.
Great Job!
I would like to congratulate everyone who participated.
And a Special Congratulations to Sir Karl of Erfurt who is the first inductee into the Knights of the RoundtableI took over as Keeper of the Kingdom May 26. We had 24 members, most of whom were inactive. With your help, we have attracted 152 new citizens

Contest ended June 30
June 30 Competitions
1st Place Sir Karl of Erfurt with 562 Points
2nd Place The Fair Maiden Christie B with 375 Points
And 3rd Squire Stefan of Zhang with 289 Points

Final –After 30 days of Competitions
Overall Winner was Sir Karl of Erfurt With 22227 Points (10 referrals)
Sir Karl will be Knighted to the “Knight of the Roundtable” status for 1 yr and receive 3000 credits

2nd Place was Queen Stormspotter With 14270 Points (3 referrals)
Queen Stormspotter is already fully upgraded so I will give her a choice of an additional yr of upgrade + 2000 credits or 5000 credits

3rd Place The Fair Maiden Christie B with 7669 Points (1 referrals)
The Fair Maiden Christie B will receive 1000 credits

New Contest Starts Today - July 1
Contest Stage 2 - “The Playoffs”
I am Sweetening the rules and awarding even more prizes!
Referrals will now be worth 250 points
Contest Rules
Each referral will add 250 points to your daily surf total.
(I do not believe in paid signups, so lets keep it a fair contest).
Only legitimate signups who surf please.

1st Prize -Knight of the Roundtable/Queen Lifetime Upgrade
+ 5000 credits
2nd Prize - 1 yr Knight of the Roundtable/Queen membership
+ 3000 credits
3rd Prize - 1 yr Knight/Princess membership
+ 2000 credits
4th prize — 2000 credits
5th place — 1000 credits

Splash Pages
Splash Page has been converting nicely for me. I personally brought 41 new citizens into the Medieval Kingdom by running the splash page and banners. I ran these on about 25 other exchanges for the last 30 days since I took over as The Kingdom Keeper

Did You Know?
The Medieval Kingdom rewards you with .5 credits per view for showing your splash page on the other Exchanges?

If you would like a
new personalized splash page created
to promote this huge contest, send a support ticket
Go Forth and Fight My Loyal Knights!

Promote & Surf Every Day & Win Big!
Special deal on upgrades Coming Soon!
How about this for a new contest. Have your “piece” here for a week as “Top Builder” of the week
This weeks Top Builder

This Weeks “Top Builder” is Sir Karl of Erfurt and he gets this reward for his hard work in leading this month’s contest from wire to wire.

My name is Karl Erfurt, administrator of Karlonia.com, the world’s first (and only, as far as I know) Libertarian Internet Marketing Blog. My quest as an Internet entrepreneur began in May 2004 when I joined a program called Paid Surveys Online, which is a home based business directory that assists members with paid survey companies and other work-at-home opportunities. Since that time, I have managed to earn a small but consistent income by completing surveys and testing various products for the market research companies that sponsor the surveys.

Through Paid Surveys Online, I was also introduced to the world of paid-to-read email programs, usually abbreviated PTR. These programs allowed members to earn small amounts of money by reading email advertisements that have been paid for by people hoping to gain an audience for their products or websites. Because PTR involved clicking on lots of ads, I soon discovered many more kinds of programs, including traffic exchanges.

It was with the paid autosurf types of traffic exchanges that I first experienced the wonderful thrill of making significant amounts of money exclusively through Internet advertising. The PTR programs served as a kind of training ground for me because it was here that I learned how to write advertisements for the PTR and autosurf programs in order to collect referrals and increase my income. Text link ads, which could be purchased for very low prices at most PTR sites, proved to be particularly successful until about one year ago when the paid autosurf industry began to seriously decline due to a number of factors that would take up too much space to fully discuss here.

At this point, I was forced to change tactics and began looking into other types of Internet business opportunities, including affiliate programs, article writing, and website development. By 2006, I finally joined Clickbank as an affiliate, purchased the domain BestPaidSurveySite.com, and set up a landing page for Top-Dollars.com, a home based business program similar to Paid Surveys Online. I began to promote both the landing page and the affiliate page in a few traffic exchanges but did not have much success, as I had not discovered the ideas of splash pages or list building at this point.

After a few months, I noticed that with a little tweaking, this landing page managed to rank fairly high in the search engines, even reaching #1 in some cases, for some of the domain-specific keywords even though it was essentially just a one-page sales letter. This actually brought in a few sales, and although the money was not really enough to brag about, it got me interested in SEO (search engine optimization) principles and the possibility of developing a real content-based site. Such a website could serve both Internet opportunists and the libertarian community as a source of useful news and information while providing me with a source of long-term revenue that would allow me to survive without being dependent on “the next big thing”. After a fair amount of research, I finally figured out how to install a Wordpress blog and set up camp at Karlonia.com, a domain that I had established back in 2005 as my own “kingdom” that could eventually be passed on to my successors.

The blog is now three months old and contains over 90 articles. Although I enjoy watching it grow, the task of deciding upon and then writing fresh content every day has proven to be a very time-consuming endeavor. There is still much work to be done in terms of building my own list, setting up autoresponders, choosing newsletter content, and deciding what else I want to promote. Meanwhile, I still need to perform various SEO and promotional tasks for the blog in order to establish a respectable page rank and bring in significant search engine traffic. This includes gaining more backlinks from other sites, commenting on other blogs, somehow revamping the site design so that it looks more “professional”, and garnering the traffic potential of the various social bookmarking sites.

Therefore, if any of you have content that you would like to host at Karlonia.com, I would be happy to give you the opportunity to introduce yourselves and/or promote your sites. Basic guidelines for submitting content are as follows:

1) Articles should be at least 200 words. They can be much longer than this, of course, but there needs to be enough content for the search engines to index.

2) Please do not submit duplicate content. In other words, if the article has been published somewhere else on the Internet, it will need to be rewritten. You can, however, use articles that you have written previously but have never published.

3) You may link back to your site, but do not include links to known spam sites, link farms, or other “black hat” types of sites. This could cause us to be penalized by the search engines and should be avoided for SEO purposes.

4) Minor spelling and grammatical errors are OK; I can correct these before posting. However, if your content is complete garbage, it will need to be rewritten, which wastes my time and defeats the purpose of hosting your content.

Please send your articles to karlonia.com(at)gmail(dot)com and indicate that you would like to post it to the blog. Questions and comments may be sent to this address also, or you can post these as comments at www.karlonia.com.

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