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Karlonia Wins “Institutionalized” Upgrade at Crazy-Traffic

July 2nd, 2007

In addition to the big win from the June contest at Medieval Hits, I also managed to win another contest last month at Crazy-Traffic, a fairly new and promising traffic exchange. These were the final standings according to the email from Admin yesterday:

Well the surfing contest is over. Here are the results

Karlonia 4800 1st place gets 6 months INSTITUTIONALIZED upgrade

maiglesias1932 3799 2nd place 6 months INSANE upgrade

Hal Gall 3236 3rd place 6 months DEMENTED upgrade

raghavan.v.s 2016 4th will get 500 1 cent PTC ads

Maxlf 1707 5th will get 500 1 cent PTC ads

stephen 1355 6th - 10th will get 1000 credits

jeremyfive 1277 6th - 10th will get 1000 credits

Optimist 1156 6th - 10th will get 1000 credits

vicky 1139 6th - 10th will get 1000 credits

shrisubitha 1105 6th - 10th will get 1000 credits

Congratulations to the winners.

There are many benefits to the upgrade including better surf ratio, more URLs allowed, better ratio for converting credits to text link and banner impressions, and 1000 free credits for each month that the upgrade is active. Interestingly, the upgrade also shifts the surfbar timer in my favor; it reduces the amount of time that I need to view other sites by 5 seconds before I can click to the next site, while it extends the time that other surfers are viewing my own sites. This has resulted in some unusually fast surfing, reducing the timer to only 5 seconds in most cases.

The only disadvantage to this particular exchange right now is the same one that is true for all newer exchanges; because the membership is not very large yet, there are not enough people viewing my sites to use up the available credits. With the contest win and the upgrade, this is going to be even more true now than it was initially because the surf ratio is better and I can rack up credits faster because of the shorter timer. The good news here is that because I have such a large credit reserve and already have the highest possible upgrade level, I can afford to surf much less without having to worry about low efficiency due to my sites running out of allocated credits. This will free up some time to surf the other exchanges and seek out more content and backlinks for this blog, which is something that I sorely need.

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