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LinkCrews Offers Double Points, Free Impressions

July 5th, 2007

The traffic exchange Link Crews has switched hosts and moved to an upgraded server in order to improve surfing performance. Now that the move has been completed and operations are proceeding as planned, the admin is offering double the normal points per page surfed for the next two days and is also throwing in some free impressions that can be used for banner or text link campaigns. So far the surfing has been going well for me; the double points bonus is really helping because it is allowing me to climb through the crew ranks much faster than before, which translates into more credits per page view. Here are the actual details from the most recent email:

So…we made it! There were a few glitches in the server move but the guys at GMD Hosting took care of me faster than I could say “Boo!”

If you missed the last email, I’ll get you up to speed. We just switch our server over to a new host. I’ve met these guys and had the pleasure of hanging out with them more than once, and they know their stuff.

So the Support Desk is back up again, as well as the surfing glitch. Surfing is smooth as a babies behind!

On that note, as promised, I’m doubling the points you earn for each page view! I’m also gonna throw 2 Impressions for free members, and 4 impressions for Titanium members per page viewed, for the next 48 hours!

And as an added bonus on top of that, anyone who surfs 300 pages in the next 48 hours will get 2500 Impressions added to their account!

So all in all, this will help you gain any lost ground in the crews as a result of the surfing glitch, as well as give you an opportunity to stock up on Impressions as well! ;)

Just to recap quickly, for the next 48 hours;
- All points earnt from surfing will be doubled.
- Free members will earn 2 Impressions per page viewed.
- Titanium members will earn 4 Impressions per page viewed.
- Anyone who surfs 300 page in the next 48 hours will get a bonus of 2500 Impressions added to their account ;)

Then once you’re there, remember to add it to your favorite surfing groups, and surf it everyday. This is the best way to make sure you are at the top of the Crews each week…and get the most out of your LinkCrews membership!

Until next time,

Michael Gartner

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