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Ridiculous HYIP Claims

July 6th, 2007

As I mentioned in an earlier article about the appeal to greed, there is a class of online ventures called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) that still has a small but loyal following among online money making enthusiasts. While it is certainly possible to make money with these kinds of programs if you know how to play the game, I have recently discovered a few programs out there that are making such ridiculous claims on their websites that it would seem unwise to “invest” in them even from a gambler’s perspective.

In fact, many people would consider these programs to be scams because there is no way any legitimate company could afford to pay out the kinds of returns stated on the sites. Technically speaking, I cannot say for certain whether any of these programs are scams or not (I consider a program to be a scam after it has been verified that the program has not paid out as promised for 30 days or more). However, I still would not recommend joining any of these programs. Not only have they probably run out of money by now even if they did manage to pay one or two people in the beginning, but if you did manage to join some of them, they could use your email address to send you lots of HYIP spam even if you don’t pay any money into the program.

Note that I have not actually linked to any of the programs listed below but instead have simply indicated the root domain of the home page. The reason for this is that many of these sites tend to by “fly-by-night” operations, which means that they could disappear soon and create lots of broken links after the sites are pulled. It is also not a very good SEO practice to link to sites that are likely to become scams or engage in spamming activity. If you are a relatively recent reader of this post and the program is still extant, you can verify the information by copying and pasting the domain into your browser bar and pressing the Enter key. This will usually generate the full URL for you and take you to the home page of the site.

Charminvestment.com: This site is offering 500-800% returns after 1 day, depending on the amount invested. This is pretty outlandish even by “normal” HYIP standards; usually an honest Ponzi game that offers a 1-day turnaround plan offers returns around the 10-20% profit range (meaning that if you invested $100, you would get $110-$120 back). It is unlikely that the advertised rate of return here could be sustained even for one cycle, which is why I’m tempted to call this one an outright scam.

What is really ridiculous about this program, however, is the figure they give in the statistics panel for the amount deposited so far. After counting all of the digits, this number comes to some 5.117 quintillion dollars! A quintillion, for those of you who do not know, equals ten to the 18th power in scientific notation, or 1 with 18 zeros after it. While it is a fairly common practice for some of these sites to lie about their statistics in an attempt to fool people into thinking that investors actually trust them, this is so unbelievable that it’s downright insulting.

Just to give you some idea of how utterly ridiculous this is, I checked the e-gold site and figured out the total amount of e-gold in circulation for all current accounts. You can verify the total amount of money in the entire e-gold system (the actual number will fluctuate somewhat depending on the movement of the gold market) by looking at the Examiner page, finding the amount of gold currently in circulation and multiplying it by the current exchange rate. This figure comes to $55,546,056, or about $55.5 million based on the current price of gold. This is a lot of money of course, but if you do the math, you will find that it is a virtual drop in the bucket compared to the figure cited on the statistics page. In other words, it is mathematically impossible for that figure to be anywhere close to accurate!

Just to top off this program’s scammy aura, they offer 20% referral commissions, which is quite high for this kind of program (it’s usually around 5-10 percent), and they even manage to misspell the word commission as “commision” in the display bar for the referral bonuses.

Easyberich.com: This site has a nice picture of a globe in the upper left corner and a chart with updated gold prices in the left side panel, but it’s pretty much all downhill from there. They claim to provide the “highest quality investments available” while pretending that they can somehow pay out up to 850% of your spend after only one day! The introductory text under the header contains an awkward run-on sentence and at least three misspellings/typos. The text on the other pages of the site is essentially duplicated from other stock HYIP scripts (and retains all of the stock grammatical errors too). They do not even bother to quote a figure for the total amount of deposits.

Payoutdaily.com: This site’s header graphic has a picture of two people talking on cell phones pasted over a picture of an executive office/boardroom type of table in an attempt to make them look very businesslike. The introductory text is written in broken English and tries to convince us that they are splitting your invested funds between Forex trading and bank accounts to “insure” it. They claim to pay out from 555-999% of your spend after one day and a whopping 5555-9999% after one week. They quote a figure of $28.807 quadrillion, or $28,807 trillion for the amount of total deposits. The text on the FAQ page is mostly duplicated from the stock scripts, although it appears that they actually attempted (and mostly failed) to write one or two of their own sentences. Overall, this program is such a joke that it probably belongs in the “Humor” section.

Meanwhile, I will keep you posted on other sightings of these types of programs so that gullible newbies will know what to look for, and unless they are incredibly stupid, can avoid them. I often see these sites being promoted in PTR programs and traffic exchanges, and have already bookmarked a few others that I have not yet reviewed here.

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