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CorpusTrader.com Classified Ad Site Launches

July 8th, 2007

A new website that was launched recently is offering a fresh alternative for people in the Corpus Christi, Texas area who are trying to sell their products and services. While walking to the post office to mail in some paid survey checks, I noticed a few signs planted along the sides of the road advertising a site called CorpusTrader.com. When I returned from the post office, I went to the site, bookmarked it, and signed up for the free registration. I logged in and briefly looked at the ads, but there wasn’t much to see at the time because the site was still very new.

Afterward, I made a mental note to return to the site later and possibly post an ad or two. I also considered the possibility of eventually emailing the admin about the misspellings and typos that I had seen on the site. I had almost forgotten about it after that until I received an email from the admin yesterday that served as a good reminder to check out the site again:

Thanks for making CorpusTrader.com such a success!

Thank you, everyone, for contributing to CorpusTrader.com and helping the site grow as fast as it has. There things going on in the background that will help with functionality and ease of use for the site. A How-to will be set up explaining some of the features.

Also, I want to encourage you to continue to post ads on the site. The ads are always free. If you have sold something through this site, please let us know. We want to know that this site is helping you get your stuff sold.

Soon, we will be using some different marketing techniques to bring visitors to the site. There is not much money budgeted for marketing, as this site was just a service I decided to do on a shoestring budget. I wanted to bring free classifieds to Corpus Christi that blows all of the competitors away. I think, if anything, we have set the bar for classifieds much higher now.

Again, thank you for visiting the site and I encourage you to create more ads and tell everyone you know about this site. We need as much word-of-mouth as we can get.

– Stephen

The site is beginning to pick up a little more activity now, with 143 ads posted at the time of this writing. There are still some annoying misspellings and typos, however. For example, under the Appliances category, “refrigerators” is misspelled as “refridgerators”, and the title of the FAQ page reads “Frequestly Asked Questions”. There are also several sentence fragments in the text of the FAQ page.

Despite these “growing pains”, the overall concept is a good one. Instead of trying to sell various items and services through traditional classified ads, which usually involves buying an ad in the newspaper or on the radio, running it for a few days, and then having to buy another ad if the items do not sell, posting ads at CorpusTrader.com is completely free, including registration and reposting of ads. Currently there is no limit to the number of ads that one user can post, and up to three images can be included with each ad. There are also no restrictions on the length of text that can be posted, which means that you could write a descriptive, “long copy” ad instead of being limited to a certain number of lines or characters like we usually are with traditional classifieds or online text link ads.

Interestingly, there does not seem to be any requirement that users must actually live in the Corpus Christi area in order to register and post ads. This means that we Internet marketers could still advertise our sites here for free and try to bring in some traffic from a somewhat different source than the typical FFA (free for all) types of sites. I might even try advertising this blog on the site just to see if I can get anyone to leave comments or submit content for me to post. Since there is no cost and I’m already registered anyway, there does not seem to be any real disadvantage.

UPDATE: It seems that the CorpusTrader.com classified site no longer exists. See the update at the bottom of my other post on CorpusTrader.com for details.

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