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Texas Libertarian Party Plans Outreach Efforts

July 10th, 2007

The leadership of the Texas LP is hoping to expand county organizations in the state by traveling to various cities, meeting with current members, and organizing outreach efforts to increase support for the party. Earlier today, I received an email from Patrick Dixon explaining the important details, so I would like to pass on this information to any Texas Libertarians out there who are not currently subscribed to the email lists but might be interested in organizing or attending meetings in your local area later this year.

Fellow supporters of the Libertarian Party,

We are making plans to arrange mini-conferences in many counties throughout Texas in September-October. We are considering coming to your county and would like to know of any weekends that may conflict with our plans. We would like to avoid any big festivals, football games, or competing attractions that would impair attendance. Because Texas is such a large state, many of our supporters find it difficult to meet with us and get to know our plans. We want to make this effort to reach out and meet with members, help candidates file paperwork, and help local activists organize and grow support for the party.

Below is an article that will appear in the national party’s publication “LP News” with some more details.

Please contact me if you can notify us of any conflicting dates. We want to meet with you and get the 2008 campaign off to a great start!

Yours in Liberty,

Patrick J Dixon
Chair, Libertarian Party of Texas


In a state the size of Texas it is often difficult for Libertarians to travel across the state to attend events. There are 254 counties in Texas and the Libertarian Party only has county organizations in 36 of them. Libertarians in some of the lesser populated regions might feel somewhat isolated and remote from the leadership.

That is why the Libertarian Party of Texas is planning to take their show on the road. State Chair Pat Dixon and Executive Director Wes Benedict are making plans for several trips around the state to visit with supporters and help grow support for the party. These trips are being planned for the September-October timeframe. These events are being called “mini-conferences” and are geared towards recruiting candidates, helping set up county organizations, training activists to conduct outreach, and provide and opportunity for Libertarians to meet the leadership. The general public is welcome to attend.

“We conducted similar events 2 years ago in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and College Station” says Dixon. “We found them to be very effective and want to expand to other areas of the state.”

Some of the cities being considered are:
College Station
Wichita Falls
Fort Worth
San Marcos
San Antonio
Corpus Christi
San Angelo
El Paso

“We will determine the level of interest from our supporters in Texas to visit their city” says Dixon. “We will not be able to visit every city so we want to choose those that have the highest level of interest and the most support. We will make final plans in July.”

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  1. comment number 1 by: Pablo Campos

    Am an old Activist, Libertarian, also WWII veteran here in Harlingen TX. If you can provide me with any other Libertarians here in Harlingen, or in a neighboring town please give me their name so I can contact them and see if we can start a Harlingen Libertarian chapter.
    Pablo Campos
    3330 Pebble Beach Drive
    Harlingen, Texas 78550-7844
    Phone: 210-401-0538

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