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Dangerous E-gold Trojan Warning: MaxipTrader HYIP Download

July 11th, 2007

Today I received a spam email with the subject line of “MaxipTrader - Toolbox for HYIP&AutoSurf Investors”. It contains links to a download page that looks fairly legitimate, but the “beta software” is actually a dangerous Trojan virus that is capable of wiping out your e-gold balance. There is not much information about this on the Internet at the time of this writing, but upon doing a standard search of the email text for duplicate content, I found a post from someone at the TalkGold forum who reported that the email was sent to HYIP admins and monitors, and explains that if you attempt to download the software, a Trojan will be installed on your computer which will automatically spend your e-gold funds to the scammer when you log in to your e-gold account.

I also found a post at the McAfee forum from someone who was apparently victimized by this Trojan and was complaining because the McAfee antivirus program did not catch the virus and could not even identify it. Unfortunately the victim, who was foolish enough to download this nasty little piece of malware twice on two separate computers, did not remember or record the name of the Trojan file. Meanwhile, the McAfee technical support staff was virtually clueless as to how to remove it from the victim’s machine.

Because of the potentially costly nature of this spam and scam operation, I will post the contents of the email here in the hopes that some of you will have more information on this and will be able to avoid being scammed. For security purposes, I have removed the actual links to the download page, but you can find the URL by referencing the two sources above, which will allow you to look at the scammer’s landing page. Just remember that if you do this, do NOT follow through with the download!

MaxipTrader - Multifunctional HYIP platform.
Software designed especially for professional HYIP/AutoSurf investing.

MaxipTrader is a compilation of different databases, represented in a convenient and user-friendly interface.
MaxipTrader databases include all the latest data of:
HYIP and AutoSurf projects all around the world (including English-speaking, Asian and Russian projects), complete statistics for all existing projects, collection of all the resources associated with digital currencies (including exchangers, as well as all the resources associated with internet-investing). With MaxipTrader you will be able to keep abreast of all developments around the HYIP industry and make the right decisions in the click of your mouse. If You either a HYIP investor or administrator - you should put MaxipTrader into your programs autorun list. Check functions list below. We suggest you should try MaxipTrader right now and send us your opinion at feedback@maxiptrdr.com.
You can download MaxipTrader here:
[scammer’s link removed]

Main Features:

The most complete database of all existing projects.
Including feedbacks, forums, monitor sites. Fully automated updates.

Compare and choose the most advantageous terms.
Multiple statistics on most profitable, reliable, fast-growing projects.

E-Currency directory. Resources database.
Including exchangers, blogs, forums, non-hyip investment projects.

Customized chat and forum designed especially for hyip business.
Hyips, autosurf, debit cards, e-currency exchange and a lot more.
Create polls, exchange opinions, advertise your projects.
To put your banner into rotation simply click “help” and choose “specials” tab.

MaxipTrader is fully customized software.
User-friendly interface, easy help and support system.
Upload your skins, configure user-panel links. Socks5/Socks4/Http proxy supported.

Built-in mozilla browser, the most secure and reliable browser ever made.
Check project’s web-sites instantly.
Sign-up and participate in particular program in 1 single click!
Rate, add to favourites, contact support is only single click away.
Don’t waste your time. Take it to think and analize.

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2 Responses to “Dangerous E-gold Trojan Warning: MaxipTrader HYIP Download”

  1. comment number 1 by: Lisa

    It is Malware you can remove it by running this
    Malware Removal Software at:

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia


    Thank you for the link to the removal tool. Hopefully this will help anyone who is still infected with the malware and cannot figure out how to get rid of it.

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