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Owl Post PTR Admin Michele Ballard Promises Payouts

July 12th, 2007

After experiencing some delays last month due to problems with her hosting service, admin Michele Ballard at The-Owl-Post, a paid-to-read emails program, is beginning to recover and hopes to bring in enough revenue to cover outstanding payout requests from members.

Although it may be difficult to tell from all of the English usage problems in the latest update, this has actually been one of the most consistent and reliable PTR programs out there over the past four years. I have been a member here for almost three years now, and so far the program has proven to be a consistent source of advertising by providing reliable clickthroughs and referrals for other programs. The program owners have always been open and honest in their communications with the membership, often bucking the trend of short-lived, unsustainable sites that have become commonplace in the PTR industry over the past few years. Since I have accumulated a rather large reserve of advertising points here, I might use some of these to send Owl Post visitors to this blog just to see if it generates any interest. For now though, you can read the latest news:

Just spoke with the wireless guy. He said they are hoping to get to me today, should be around 2-3pm my time. Everyone please if you believe in God, pray they get to me today and that our mail program works on it. If you don’t believe, cross your fingers and toes. :)

Also, we’re expecting a few payouts this month. If those actually all come through, we should be able to get a little more caught up on payouts. :) I said a couple of weeks ago I’d try to update the finance page, but I didn’t get time. I’ll try to do that this weekend. A quicky update here, all of April payouts are done. For May, there’s still 9 paypal payouts to go and 10 egold payouts left. I have a payout coming to egold around the 14th, so that should take care of a nice chunk of the egold payouts :)

Now, I know, a few have sort of critized me for being so open about payout problems and stuff, but like I told them, this is your program. You have every right to know what’s going on. lol We’re getting back on track slowly but surely. I switched a few things around, got rid of a few things and added a few things that should generate a little more revenue for payouts. Of course won’t really see that until the end of August. Don’t you hate how everything seems to hold back a month?

Anyways, this is getting to long and I know most of you have either lost interest by now and deleted this email or your sitting there thinking dang woman shut up (which for all those members who email me with Dear sir, I ain’t a man lol), or your praying there’s a paid link at the end to make this worth it. Well there’s no paid link, so HA!

I’m kidding :)

Update 7/15/07: Well, it appears that our beloved Chele has managed to get her wireless service working:

I’m on wireless!!! woohooo! I need to call the wireless guy tomorrow and see if he can give me a better email. :) Also, I’ll be sending out test emails until I get this up right. Just bare with me, K? :)

Chele :)

I wonder if I should tell her that she probably wants to use the word “bear” in that last sentence instead of “bare”. By using “bare”, this makes it sound like some kind of invitation to pose nude with her. While this might seem like a titillating idea, it is probably not what she meant!

One Response to “Owl Post PTR Admin Michele Ballard Promises Payouts”

  1. comment number 1 by: Chele

    No, getting nekkid was not what I meant there. LOL Now you go post a nice new post letting the whole world know we’re caught up and back in the black. :)


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