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Richard Uttley Wins “Top Builder” at Medieval Hits

July 13th, 2007

This week’s Top Builder award at Medieval Hits went to Richard Uttley, who has managed to bring in a sizable number of referrals over the past week. While his article is rather brief, he touches on a useful strategy that I have used for other programs with mostly favorable effects. As Richard explains, solo email ads can generate a quick burst of referrals, especially if the program that you are promoting does not cost any money to join (at least not initially):

Hi, Squire Richard of Uttley here to let you in on my little secret of how I got so many referrals in such a small space of time. Here it is.

I bought 2 solo ads - and I know you’re saying “expensive, expensive”, but read on if you will. My first was from Emerald Clicks, it cost $10 and my solo ad got sent to 2,000 users, and my second cost just $1 and that was from My Hits.
..and so my story comes to an end
but should you wish to have a little look at my own freebies site that would be great
- you’ll find loads more traffic resources, and if you do happen to live in the UK then there’s loads of samples to be had too, enjoy!

This is a method that I may use later in order to get some signups at Medieval Hits and other traffic exchanges. I have significant amounts of advertising credits built up at some PTR programs that I could use for this, and because I can redeem points or credits for advertising, it will not even cost me any money unless I send a large number of ads at one time and exhaust my credit reserves.

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