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Tip Top Traffic Offers New Prize, Reduces Timer

July 18th, 2007

The admin at Tip Top Traffic is offering a chance for a free upgrade in the surfbar bonuses and has also reduced the timer to 15 seconds from the previous 20.

I joined this particular traffic exchange about one week ago from an offer in the “Bribes” section of Click Voyager, where someone was offering a generous bonus of 50,000 credits at Click Voyager to sign up under him at Tip Top Traffic. The only condition was that I needed to surf 200 pages first and confirm my new account. I have now done this, so I logged back into Click Voyager and pasted the welcome mail confirmation into the appropriate box there to claim the bribe. Now I just have to wait and hope that the other person receives the claim properly and releases the credits.

Meanwhile, here is the update from the new exchange that explains the latest news:

Hi Karlonia,

New Prize Link added to Surfbar at TipTop Traffic

You could Win an Enterprise Pro Upgrade for One Month (value $7.00) or One Year (value $70.00).

If you already are an upgraded member then I will award you 2000 credits instead of the 1 month upgrade prize (value $14.00). Or 15,000 credits instead of the 1 year upgrade prize (value $90.00).


I reduced the Page View Timer by 5 seconds :)

Free Members is now set to 15 seconds per page.

Pro Members is set to 10 seconds per page.

Feedback about this has so far been positive, it looks like this will become permanent :)


Have you checked the benefits of going Pro?

I really do believe I offer the Best Pro Benefits for a Reasonable Price.

If you can find a better deal ANYWHERE…

Please add it as one of your Websites in rotation.

If I agree with you I will signup under you :)


Remember - To put in a bid for the first page shown in every surf session.

Remember - If you surfed yesterday, check yesterdays Surfing Bonus results to see how many bonus credits you earned. If you surf today, then check it tomorrow.


That’s all for now folks.

As always, if you have any problems, questions, suggestions or comments, just use the support ticket system or forum. You are Always welcome to write to me about anything.

best wishes


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