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TIB Overview and Admin Update

July 19th, 2007

A program called Take the Internet Back (TIB) sent out a rare admin mail yesterday. They are getting close to the 100,000 member mark and are advertising to hire two employees, one to function as a sales representative and the other to perform email marketing tasks in the Washington state area.

The TIB venture has been an interesting program so far. Functionally speaking, the membership here works much like a PTR (paid-to-read) type of program- you join, receive emails, and click on a confirmation link to receive credit. However, instead of receiving a small amount of money, you receive points, but these points do not work like typical PTR points that you redeem for advertising. Instead, each point tallied counts as one share of ownership in the company. Each share entitles you to a portion of future revenues, which are derived from advertising sales and various Internet businesses.

TIB is affiliated with itconsultinglive.com, bidhire.com, and several other websites that are still early in the development process. The principals are Winston Price, a retired hedge fund manager; Conrad Addison, a retired businessman currently active with internet programs, and J. Brian Bailey, a retired automotive consultant. Contact information is available on the FAQ page of the site.

There is no cost to join the program, nor are there any hidden fees or deductions. The only “catch” to receiving payouts is that you must eventually have two or more referrals before you are considered a lifetime member, after which you are eligible to receive disbursements of profits based on your number of shares. Presumably this was done in order to stimulate promotion and give advertisers a larger pool of members to work with when marketing their businesses. Fortunately, there is no time limit for getting the two referrals and you can still accumulate points and receive mails even without any referrals.

I have not done any advertising for this program yet and still need to get my two referrals, but I like the way that it is set up, and so far things have functioned quite smoothly. They send a maximum of 10 emails per day, and unlike most PTR programs, there are no timers, Turing numbers, cheat tests, or any other time-wasting annoyances. All you need to do when receiving a mail is click on the confirmation link at the bottom. If you do not receive some of the mails (this happens sometimes because many free email services have overly aggressive spam filters), you can log into your account at the site and they will be stored in a separate inbox folder for you. There is no expiration period for emails either, so as long as you are a member, you can always go back and collect your points from any old mails that you may have missed.

Here is the latest admin update:

Hi everyone. Just another TIB update to keep you informed. We are almost at 100,000 member/owners!!! That’s the good news. The bad news is that things are starting to slow down, and some of you still do not have anyone in your downlines. Remember that you need 2 people in your downline in order to become a confirmed member/owner. It is a FREE program, so how hard can it be to get 2 in your downline. We even give your downline free downloads and $10.00 to get started! Please do your part and become a full and verified owner of TIB.

The bigger we grow, the better things get. For those of you that are active marketers, keep on going as the best marketers will get the biggest piece of the TIB pie! That’s right the top marketers of the TIB website will be the top owners as well. There is still plenty of time for everyone to get a share, so start marketing TIB now! We even have resources available for you in the members area. There is even a “Tell a Friend” script in there to make it so easy for all. Just tell them it’s free, and they get $10, including access to lots of free downloads. Plus we will be adding more free downloads shortly as well. Let’s get to the 100k mark within the next few weeks!!!

We have a need for two independent contractor type of employees. Please read the qualifications and ONLY contact us if you fit the requirements. Here they are:

1) We need a national salesperson to assist our partner website www.itconsultinglive.com . They will offer the IT Centers services to small and medium size businesses around the country. Requirements include a successful track record in sales. You must also have a full time position already and would be willing to add this to your daily work i.e. supplement your other work. Experience is the key here, and lots of it. Salary plus commissions. Start ASAP.

2) We need someone located in the Washington State area that would be willing to send emails to small and medium size businesses in the state ONLY. Pay will be based on emails sent with a commissions override for contacts and sales made. You must be able to work at your own PC for at least 4 hours a day and know how to use Google quite well.

Once again, only contact us at accounting@itconsultinglive.com if you fully meet the requirements. That’s it for now. More to come very soon.

UPDATE 1/9/11: Well folks, if anyone happens to be searching for information on TIB and happens to read this old post, here is a long overdue update. As of January 9, 2011 (yes, that’s about 3 1/2 years since this post was published and over 4 years since I joined the program) I have earned a whopping total of $32.30. According to my account info, I have clicked on over 4,700 mails to reach this point. The minimum payout threshold is $50, so I started doing the math on this. The last revenue share payout even with my 4,700+ points was a whopping 10 cents and it took about three weeks since the last payout to receive this. Even if we’re generous and give them only two weeks to pay out the 10 cents, I figured out that it would take 7.375 YEARS to reach the $50 threshold and have any hope of getting paid. Meanwhile, I am receiving at least 10 mails per day from them (usually it’s more like 13 or 14), which is significantly contributing to my daily email volume and cluttering up my inbox with most useless MLM-type of offers that I would never join anyway.

In other words, this is a classic case of a PTR that has gone NWI (Not Worth It) and is a possible scam (they have raised the minimum payout threshold once before and could do so again, or they could come up with some other excuse before they actually have to pay out any money). To their credit, they have lasted over four years, which is more than most GPT types of programs, but as a practical matter the earnings are ridiculously slow and I have never heard of anyone actually being paid. So this morning I finally said “enough is enough” and quit the program (technically used the “disable my account” option from the profile page). If you’re looking for a faster and more profitable GPT program, I can recommend Quick Rewards or Treasure Trooper. Both of these sites are still going strong and sending me regular payouts even after all these years!

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