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MySurvey Newsletter for July

July 21st, 2007

The consumer panel MySurvey, formerly known as NFO MySurvey, has released its July newsletter. In addition to upgrading to the 2.0 version of their software for paid survey notifications, they are discontinuing the purchase of raffle tickets as a redemption option and replacing this with additional sweepstakes entries for each survey that is completed. This will not affect the usual reward points (which can be redeemed for cash) that we currently receive. They are also offering two different types of DVD players as prizes for point redemptions, although as you can see from the newsletter, the amount of points required for these will be substantial. Finally, the results of a recent survey on people’s driving habits have been released and can be viewed in the table at the bottom.

MySurvey Messenger 2.0 is Now Available!

MySurvey Messenger 2.0 works just like the original version that lets you know about surveys instantly — the moment you go online – or as soon as a survey becomes available for you. The features of MySurvey Messenger 2.0 include:

* Receiving non-survey message alerts from us such as alerts that notify you if you win one of our sweepstakes, alerting you of changes to our website or providing other information related to your membership.
* The capability for you to stop the alert for a particular survey.
* Compatibility with Windows Vista.

MySurvey Messenger, a non-email way to notify you about survey invitations and other important information about membership, is a small software program that you can download and install (file size is about the size of an average photo you might download from the internet). When you are connected to the internet, the software checks to see if you have surveys to take. If you have surveys, an animated message appears on the bottom of your computer monitor. Those who use MySurvey Messenger will continue to receive email invitations as a back up, but MySurvey Messenger makes sure you know about surveys waiting in case the email doesn’t reach your inbox or if you don’t check your email frequently.

Additionally when you upgrade to MySurvey Messenger 2.0 you will receive an entry to win 50,000 Reward Points ($500 cash value) for installing MySurvey Messenger. One winner is selected each month from those who downloaded and installed during the previous month.

Reward News

Monthly Raffle and Sweepstakes Changes Coming Soon

Effective August 1, 2007 raffle tickets will no longer be offered as a MySurvey Reward Points redemption option. We regret the discontinuation of the raffles but enhancements to the MySurvey.com site require this change. However, effective August 1st we will be offering a brand new panel membership benefit - the Survey Completion Bonus sweepstakes, that will provide an additional reward to those who complete surveys. Please note that the Survey Completion Bonus is in addition to the MySurvey Reward Points you currently receive for every survey you complete and in addition to all the current sweepstakes opportunities. Hence the sweepstakes name “Survey Completion Bonus”.

Here is how the new bonus sweepstakes will work:

* You will receive one Survey Completion Bonus sweepstakes entry for each and every survey (no matter how brief) you complete in a calendar month.
* After the end of the month, multiple winners will be selected to receive that month’s prize.
* The Reward Points equivalent of the month’s prize, plus any service fee that may be required, will be deposited into winners MySurvey Reward Points’ accounts.
* The winner can then select the featured prize they won, cash or any combination of other reward redemption options available at the time and within the current point value of his/her account.

And that’s it. Nothing additional to do. Just keep answering surveys.

For the August 2007 Survey Completion Bonus sweepstakes, 20 (twenty) winners will be selected! The prizes for August will be $50 Reward Choice Gift Cards (redeemable for an original gift certificate from more than 300 retail, restaurant, travel and entertainment options). Winners will have 5,500 MySurvey Reward Points deposited into their points account: 5,000 points for the $50 gift certificate plus 500 points for the $5 service fee. The bonus sweepstakes for future months may have different numbers of winners and different prizes, so be sure to watch out for the announcement of each month’s bonus sweepstake.

DVD Player Prize Redemption Options:

Currently we are offering two different types of DVD players as MySurvey.com point redemption options.

Coby Brand Ultra Compact DVD Player (5400 points) - This ultra-compact DVD player, is compatible with a variety of DVD formats and is NTSC/PAL system compatible. Features multiple viewing angles, and slow/fast motion play. This is a stand-alone DVD player and does not include a screen or stereo system, it is not for portable use.

Coby Brand Portable DVD Player (13000 points) - Ideal for today’s mobile lifestyle, this portable DVD/CD/MP3 player has a 7″ LCD Diagonal Widescreen, LED backlight technology and built-in stereo speakers. It’s compatible with a wide variety of media formats, including JPEG, WMA and DVD-Video. This is a portable DVD player that is great for travel and use anywhere.

Before redeeming your points for these items or any other MySurvey.com point redemption options be sure to thoroughly read the prize description. Full prize descriptions can found by clicking ‘More Info’ on the Select Reward page. Regretfully MySurvey.com cannot accept returns on any unwanted merchandise.

Survey Results - Driving Habits

Recently we asked some of our members about their habits while driving. 82% of our respondents said they drive a car or light truck most of the time, 0.07% said they drive a motorcycle most of the time and 8% of our respondents don’t drive a vehicle at all.

Here are some interesting figures about the regular habits of our motorists:

Frequency Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never
Buckle seat belt 84.3% 8.4% 4.0% 2.2% 1.1%
Use a cell phone 7.6% 12.7% 38.8% 27.8% 12.9%
Listen to the radio or CD player 64.6% 24.6% 7.7% 2.3% .08%
Go through a yellow light 6.8% 20.2% 48.3% 21.3% 3.4%
Adhere to the speed limit on a highway 20.8% 48.7% 20.7% 8.2% 1.6%
Follow the speed limit on a residential road 38.2% 45.4% 13.2% 2.7% 0.4%
Use turn signal to signal a turn 70.7% 25.2% 3.3% 0.6% 0.2%
Eat a snack or meal 2.6% 5.1% 42.9% 38.5% 10.8%

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