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TIB Changes Payout Format, Promotes Bidhire.com

July 24th, 2007

The administrative team for Take the Internet Back is becoming more active lately, sending out their second email update within the last week. Apparently they are tweaking the payout formula so that only members who are actually reading the emails and clicking on the confirmation links within two weeks will actually receive credit on their accounts. This should be good news for me because I have been fairly active in reading the mails; in fact, I seem to be receiving and confirming a fairly high volume that is approaching the maximum of ten mails per day. I do still need to get my two referrals, however, so that I can start receiving actual payouts from the ad revenue shares that are being credited to my account. For more explanation on how TIB works, you can read my post from July 19, which is when the last update was published. Meanwhile, here is the update from the admin team that was sent out earlier today:


!Yes..thats right! We have decided to reformat our payouts. What does that mean? It means that from now on we will pay out ONLY to those that have read their emails within a 2 week period after they receive it. Let’s say that we send out 5000 emails. If only 1000 are read, the entire 45% of the funds will be split between ONLY those 1000 people. That means more money for our active partners and NO money for those that do not read emails.Here is how it will work. We will send out an email and wait 2 weeks to see who has read it. Remember - your funds will not show for 2 weeks after you read an email. But after that, and ONLY for those of you that have read your emails, ALL of the 45% that goes to members will be split ONLY between those members who have read their emails. Our reading rate right now is about 25%, so that will mean 4 times more to our active email readers!!!!We have done this to reward our active readers as they are working very hard to make us a success. So - you can now expect your “pennies” to increase substantially as long as you read your emails and click on the confirmation links.

This change will take approximately 2-3 weeks to come into effect as we are working on it now. We will let you know when it is done

Also, we have about 80 postings on BidHire.com. That’s a good start but ONLY a start. This website has the potential to be huge people. Pass the url on to a friend, family member, acquaintance, anybody! We need to get at least 1000 or so posts to become a viable entity there. To sweeten the pot, we have decided to offer 10 FOUNDERS spots. These founders will each own a full 1% of the website as opposed to sharing it with 100,000 others. But there is a catch. You must get at least 100 people in your downline, and at least 50 must post. These will be verified so please do not even try to cheat the system.

And there is even more. Anyone who gets a downline of 500 or more, with 250 posting, will be a Super Founder and will get 2 1/2% of the website. That means profits and ownership both!!! Can you imagine owning 1% or even 2 1/2% of Ebay??? You would be very rich indeed.

If you plan on taking advantage of either of the above incentives, please email us and let us know. You can email admin@bidhire.com and indicate which one you wish to pursue and we will watch your efforts.

Last - there are still many of you without your necessary 2 in your downline. Like we keep saying, how hard can it be to give someone $10 for free as well as tons of free downloads??? And now you even get more money for reading as well as a chance to own a huge share of this pie. Let’s get cracking people - we are getting close but need more effort!! Have a great day!

UPDATE July 26: TIB sent out another update today that clarifies the new payout policy and activity rules. It’s not really long enough to justify a separate post, so I will put it here as an addendum to the previous update:

We have decided to make a few modifications to our TIB website. The new changes will reward our active and hard working members substantially more than in the past. Please take your time and go over these changes. They will be posted on the website as well.

1.) We will now base everything on a point system exclusively. You will get 1 point for reading an email and 3 points for each referral.

2.) On the 14th and 28th of each month, you will receive funds in your account based on how many emails you read (1 point) and how many people you refer (3 points). You will no longer get funds daily as we are going to use a 2 week cycle. Only people active, and who have earned points, during each 2 week cycle will earn. Inactive members during any 2 week cycle will no longer receive any funds.

3.) Every time that we pay out now, we will reset everything and start a new cycle i.e. after we pay out on the 28th, a new cycle starts from zero.

4.) From tomorrow on (Friday July 27th) all of our members who are active will be earning MORE. As we said above, only active members will now be compensated with the 45% revenues from ads. Prior to this, we distributed funds to all members and determined that this was unfair. About 25% of our members are currently active. These are the ones building up our company and these are the ones who will now be compensated at a higher rate.

We hope that by doing it this way, we can encourage our inactive members to resume participating in building up TIB. And we are sure that our current active members will be happy with a higher payout. If you have inactive people in your downline, now is the time to contact them and tell them about the new payment structure. Let’s take TIB to the next level and earn even more!!

TIB Administration

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