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Ridiculous HYIP of the Day: Zoom-Invest.net

July 25th, 2007

Yes, those infamous HYIP spammers are at it again. The latest site that has come up for ridicule is called zoom-invest.net, a HYIP that promises to triple your money within 15 hours while serving up a generous helping of broken English and inept marketing skills. Fortunately, its promoters were nice enough to send me this spam so that we all have the chance to laugh at them before their official launch:

300% total profit!!! Paying HYIP! Get your free 300% now!!!


Worried about multiple plan?
This one offer you only single plan!
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This the plan below :

20% every hor for 15 hours.
You total profit is 3005 afer 15 hours!

Now, try to calculate your profit :
Example : Invest $10.
Then we pay : 20/100 X $10 X 15 = $30.
More bigger, more profit.

Super plan : 500% after a day.
Example : Invest $300.
Then we pay : 500/100 X $300 = $2500.

How easy you can get money? This is the right place.
Dont wait, but now go to this link : [zoom-invest.net link was placed here]

You can get all the best profit there. Once again :
[another zoom-invest link]

Admin online 24 hours a day, so dont worry about your payment.

GoodLuck, and join us!

Upon visiting the site, I noticed that they are using a different template from the usual default HYIP scripts that most of these sites use. Just as I was about to consider the possibility that our illustrious spammers were actually getting smarter, however, they revealed their sloppiness in the first few lines of text on the left side of their home page. The current news item is announcing their program’s launch on “July, 28th 2007″, which is three days after I received their spam and was able to access the site. Notice that they also put the comma in the wrong place within the date (it should read July 28, 2007).

In what must have been a strenuous exercise for their diminutive brains, they actually managed to get through the first three sentences of text and even the whole second paragraph on the home page description without making any obvious spelling or grammatical errors. They began to stumble later on, however, with phrases such as “we are support all kind of business”, “US Stock Exchange’s”, and “the money you spend to program is re-invested in a different opportunities”. They claim to be located on the Isle of Man as an offshore corporation, but somehow I doubt that anyone there has actually heard of this particular company (well, unless some of them received the same spam email that I did, which is theoretically possible).

As much fun as it is to sit back and laugh at these guys, it is also sad to see the HYIP industry decline into such a pitiful state. Believe it or not, there was actually a time when HYIPs were somewhat more respectable, and people who were willing to take on the risk, do a little research, and use a well-timed approach could make some decent money with these programs. Unfortunately, a combination of greed and lack of trust has set in, such that even from a gambler’s perspective it is really not worth the risk anymore. I have always wanted to see somebody launch a HYIP that was truly non-Ponzi and based on things like PPC revenues, affiliate commissions, profits from domain name sales, and other actual Internet business activities. There have been many programs that claimed to derive their revenues from various advertising sources, but virtually all of them have turned out to be mostly Ponzi-based models in the end.

Part of the problem is that most HYIP investors are notoriously greedy and simply do not have the patience to stick it out while a legitimate program goes through the often difficult process of generating real revenues and building real businesses. On the other side of the coin, most real Internet entrepreneurs don’t seriously think about setting up any sort of HYIP model in order to attract startup capital. Perhaps one day I will figure out a way to make a HYIP that actually “works” in a normal business sense, but until then I will have to stick with the tried-and-true Internet marketing methods. Now if I could just find a way to speed up the process a little bit…

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