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Top-Dollars.com Paid Survey Tips

July 26th, 2007

A few days ago, one of my readers posted a comment on my last product sample article and asked about the Top-Dollars.com program. He wanted to know how long it would take to have success with it, and also wanted some tips and general information about making money with paid surveys. I spent a few hours later that night typing out a rather long email reply to his inquiries in which I provided some links to my favorite market research companies and gave some general advice on how to get started. After I finished writing the email, I realized that most of the content could be helpful for anyone else who is interested in this topic, so I decided to take the relevant portions and post it here so that the information can be shared with my other readers. If you still have questions or comments about the paid survey experience, you may post these in the comment section below.

UPDATE 10/16/09: Unfortunately, I discovered earlier tonight that the Top-Dollars.com website is having technical problems and is no longer functional. Therefore I have removed the links to it from this page. However, since this post was written (over two years ago - wow!), I have discovered another program in the paid survey genre that has been providing even better results than Top-Dollars did. It’s called Survey Vanguard, and it has proven to have a much more comprehensive and accurate database of paid survey programs than the others that I have tried so far. You can check out the Survey Vanguard program here. And remember to use the cash focus technique to maximize your earning efficiency from doing paid surveys.

Although I don’t remember the exact amount of time before having success with Top-Dollars.com, I would estimate it at around two weeks or so, if you count “success” as receiving a significant number of paid survey offers. The actual time until you have success depends on a large multitude of factors such as how many survey companies you register with, how many surveys you actually take and/or qualify for, how you answer the survey questions, your personal demographics, your household’s demographics, the kinds of products you buy, the foods you eat, where you like to shop, your hobbies and interests, any health conditions you may have, how many and what type of surveys the market research companies are actually sponsoring, and a whole bunch of other things that would turn this into a seriously long post.

I originally got into paid surveys back in May 2004 through a site called Paid Surveys Online, a paid survey directory similar to Top-Dollars.com. I signed on with Top-Dollars a little over a year ago when I diversified into affiliate marketing through Clickbank. At the time, I had noticed that the program’s vendor was posting in some forums and was willing to give out lots of helpful advice to affiliates, so signing up here seemed like the logical thing to do since I already had experience with paid surveys and was doing reasonably well with it. When I reviewed the Top-Dollars database, I noticed that they had a larger list of survey companies than the other programs I had seen, including the one that I had originally joined. This allowed me to expand my list of survey companies and register with some new ones that I had not tried before, and so far it has helped me to increase my income from paid surveys somewhat over the past few months.

As far as tips go, there is actually a fair amount of helpful information included in the Top-Dollars program itself. After you log into the members area, go to the “Getting Started” section and read the info there- most of the really important stuff comes after the line, “Your Profile - Very Important”. Sometimes they will say to register with 200 or more of the survey companies, but frankly I never actually registered with that many. I probably signed up with about 50 or so within the first few months, and after the first year I began weeding out the ones that did not pay any real rewards, wasted too much of my time, etc. until I got down to about 25 that were definitely paying out something in terms of cash or free products and did not require too much time to actually manage the surveys.

You could probably do better than I have if you register with more companies initially and spend more time going through the survey invitations. Since I started the blog I have not had much time to keep up with all of the surveys, but I still try to do most of the cash-paying ones and the ones that offer free product samples (sometimes you can get a survey that offers a cash incentive AND a free product, but this does not happen every day). As you have probably noticed by now, my experiences with these can be turned into blog posts that provide fresh content with an “insider’s view” of what the paid surveys gig is really like.

As with most new businesses, things will probably seem slow in the beginning; it can take a few weeks from the time that you complete the surveys until you actually receive a check in the mail. However, after the first three months or so, my experience has been that things will start to speed up significantly and your overall efficiency will increase. The survey companies will tend to send more paying surveys after this period because they will think that you’re an active and reliable panel member.

Meanwhile, after a few months’ experience, it will become easier to figure out what kinds of surveys you can qualify for, which ones pay the best, etc., so that you can make more money (or products) in less time and have a more enjoyable experience overall. After longer periods of membership, I have noticed that there is also a greater likelihood of getting into the interactive types of surveys or the online focus groups. These are the ones that you definitely don’t want to miss- I have gotten as much as $60 a pop for these and have always received at least $20. Patience and persistence are the important elements here- just be aware that this is not a get-rich-quick type of thing, and paid surveys are not designed to completely replace a full-time income source. However, as long as you are willing to follow through with the various offers, I have found that it’s worth the effort in the long run.

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