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Royal Surf Runs Contest, Lowers Ad Prices

July 27th, 2007

The Royal Surf traffic exchange is running a contest that will last until approximately one week from today. The top 40 surfers for each day will win 25 credits each and an entry into a drawing that will take place at the end of the contest period.

Meanwhile, the prices for weekly advertising rotations have been reduced, and the time period for the ad rotations has been extended to ten days. Admin Catherine Heiter has also announced that a blog and newsletter format may be implemented for future updates at Royal Surf and two other traffic exchanges, which will obviate the need to post these updates here. But for now, you can read the text of the latest email:

Wow! Some of you may have noticed this already, but our King has been up to mischief again. lol

There’s a new contest that started today, and will continue for the next ten days….today inclusive. I don’t want to draw this out, so I am going to give you the shortest route to the end results here.

Forty members are going to win a prize each day, for the next ten days - 25 credits per member who places in that Top Forty! For each person who places in the daily contest, his or her name will be “put in the hat” for a big drawing at the end of the contest period. Surf and place all ten days, and you will have 250 credits plus ten entries in the final drawing. The final drawing will have a total of 20 winners.

The prizes in the final drawing are as follow:

2000 credits to five winners
1000 credits to five winners
500 credits to five winners
250 credits to five winners

Remember, for each day that you place in the Top Forty, you will get an entry in the final drawing. The King or I will actually put your name on a slip of paper, and put it in a container to do the final drawing the day after the contest ends.

Now, for some more exciting news:

The Weekly Ad Rotations are now Ten-Day Ad Rotations, and the price has been reduced from $12.97 to $9.97. I encourage you to jump on this. Not sure just how long they will be in place at this price. I was just told to let everyone know about this so they can take advantage of this ridiculously lower price!

Remember that there are ten slots that can be filled. I can overlap start and finish dates. So there’s no such thing as running out of advertising slots on this. When you order, keep in mind that I will send you an email with your start and finish dates on it so you are aware of when to expect those to run. Keep me busy….book it up in advance, at this awesome rate, while it’s here. We never know when the King will change his mind again. ;-)

More interesting news for all our Royal Members: the king is assembling a blog/newsletter format so that in the future, we will be able to just send you a link so you can go and read the updates without getting HUGE emails from me. :-D Stay tuned so you get that info when we release it for you. The newsletter/blog will have information for all three of Michael Kelly’s traffic exchanges, so you’ll be able to see everything that’s going on….alll in one place!

And the last thing on my agenda that I want to address is the final results of the referral contest that finished up on 22 July.

First Place - $50 - Userid #227
Second Place - $20 Userid #958

Congratulations to our Winners! You may claim your prize through the member’s area. It has already been added to your account for you.

Third Place was not awarded, due to the fact that the original Second Place Winner had already won a previous contest. As per our Rules, we had to disqualify the second place winner. Therefore, the Third Place Winner moved up by default.

We had not planned for this contingency, unfortunately, so we were not able to award the third prize.

Ok. I’m done updating you for the week.

I encourage you to login, check those sites/banners/text links, assign your credits/impressions and then surf a while so you stand a chance of qualifying for the Top Forty each day. Remember…it’s only the top forty surfers for the day that get a daily prize and can qualify for that final drawing! And believe me, we have quite a number of people who surf at RS. So you wanna get in there and go at it pretty hot and heavy. ;-) You’ve got some pretty tough competition to beat.

As always, I am just an email away if you need help. So contact me at the email address in my signature file below, or use the onsite contact form.

Best Regards,
Catherine Heiter, Admin

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