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More Traffic Exchange Updates

July 28th, 2007

The manual traffic exchange world has generated a small flurry of updates over the past two days. Since none of them are really long enough to necessitate separate posts, I will combine them all here and provide brief summaries. Last night I finally started commenting on some other NoNofollow blogs in order to begin the process of generating some much needed traffic and backlinks. After a few days, I will focus on writing some more regular articles and stories, but I also need to take care of the promotional side of things so that I have enough readers to make this blogging effort worthwhile. Meanwhile, here are the latest reports from my currently active traffic exchanges:

Medieval Hits has done some fairly extensive and informative updates to its FAQ section and front page. Meanwhile, admin Larry Phillips has updated his messenger contacts and announced that the current tally of members now stands at 272. John Hamilton has won the most recent top builder award for a strong surfing performance during the previous week.

The Kingdom Crier

I would like your help in updating a few things.
If you have questions and/or concerns not covered in our F.A.Q. Section, please let us know via the “Contact” Tab on the homepage. I have been adding to the FAQ’s and have updated the Frontpage to reflect some of the new features in the Kingdom.

You can now contact the Keeper of the Kingdom by messenger!

Aim messenger- medievalhits

Yahoo or Msn messenger - larry_phillips(at)rogers.com

I will try and get back to you just as quickly as possible.
The link board should be up and running this weekend. Check out the FAQ’s for details of this and much more!

Thank you all for being great citizens of the Medieval Kingdom

New Citizens Yesterday = 7

Total New Citizens
for July - 138 (55 pending)

Remember to use Your “down line” mailer to encourage the new citizens to join in the games.

Total Citizens who entered competitions yesterday = 51
Total Citizenship = 272
The Medieval Kingdom is growing steadily with active citizens.
Since I purchased the Medieval Kingdom, we have had some gremlin issues to deal with.
I do appreciate the help and loyalty you have all shown.
This Weeks “Top Builder” award goes to Squire John of Hamilton for surfing his way into 5th place in the current competition.
I am humbled at being chosen “Top Builder” of the week.
I really don’t find it hard to surf on a site like this, with an easy 15 second timer, lots of different bonuses and a great management staff that really cares.

I know I could plug my site here but I would rather have you good people trying to get more and more referrals.

If everyone could get one or two more referrals and they got that many,
this would become a major hit site, which I believe it should be now.

After all the better the site gets the more people see our sites.

John Hamilton

Marketing Strategy Tips

Spreading your advertising around to as many different exchanges, to be viewed by as many different people as possible, is a good strategy: however; not all exchanges are properly maintained. The “Exchange of the Week” is a list of exchanges, which have been tried and approved by our citizens.

New Contest Details

The “Top Surfer” each week is going to get to post his favourite Exchange Referral links, and add one exchange to the list. (starting Aug 13)
Login and join the exchanges on the list.

After you join, send me a copy of the welcome letter to receive your 200 credits

Personalized Splash Pages

If you would like a new personalized splash page created, send a support ticket. Include as much info as possible and any graphics you’d like used.
(See Examples under “Promotional Materials”)

Go Forth & Fight !
Promote & Surf Every Day & Be Rewarded

Until Next Week!
Larry Phillips
Keeper of the Kingdom

At Tip Top Traffic, credit bonuses have been activated through the remainder of this weekend and have been set to display once every 30 pages surfed. A referral contest has recently commenced and runs through August 31 with some small cash bonuses being awarded for each referral.

Get A Guaranteed Bonus every 30 pages per surf session, This is turned on at random times during the week.

Currently Turned On for the Rest of the Weekend - Surf Now :)

Plus - Every 25 Pages a chance to Win upto 1000 credits.

Currently a 1 in 4 chance of winning a Prize

Plus - Every 100 Pages a chance to Win upto $10.00 Cash.

Currently a 1 in 4 chance of winning a Prize

Plus- Every 200 Pages a chance to Win upto One Year Enterprise Pro Upgrade.

Currently a 1 in 100 chance of winning a Prize


It is time for another Referral Contest.

It Starts Now - and Ends 31st August

Everybody who recruits Active Referrals wins
****( See Rules Below )****

For every Active Referral upto 20 you get 50 cents each.

Total you get for 1 refs. = $0.50
Total you get for 2 refs. = $1.00
Total you get for 10 refs. = $5.00
Total you get for 15 refs. = $7.50
Total you get for 20 refs. = $10.00

For every Active Referral between 20 and 100 you get 10 cents.

Sorry No awards for over 100 referrals, I don’t want to risk going bankrupt :)

Referral Contest Rules

Only Active Referrals recruited during the period 1st January to 31st January 2007 will count towards this contest.

Active Referrals means the the members you signup must activate their accounts and the accounts must still be active on the 31st August.

No cheating! You can’t sign up with different names and pretend to be someone else. We do have software that will detect multiple registrations, so you WILL be caught.
Cheating will result in losing everything, including your account and all credits and cash in it.
I am sorry I have to add this but some people do not know how to play fair. The first referral contest I ran, I found some members signing up multiple times as their own referrals and also one ring where members were signing up under each other.

Do Not Spam. Spam complaints will be examined carefully and if found to be justified the reported spammer will have their account deleted with resultant loss of all credits and cash. Also legal action could be taken to recover any loss or damages sustained by TipTop Traffic.

NOW - Get out there and Recruit, Recruit, Recruit, etc.

********* ********* ********* ********* *********

Have you checked the benefits of going Pro?

I really do believe I offer the Best Pro Benefits for a Reasonable Price.

If you can find a better deal ANYWHERE…

Please add it as one of your Websites in rotation.

If I agree with you I will signup under you :)


That’s all for now folks.

As always, if you have any problems, questions, suggestions or comments, just use the support ticket system or forum. You are Always welcome to write to me about anything.

best wishes


Lastly, StartXchange admin Tim Linden has updated his newsletter blog to include information about the new site scanner that is used for website approvals. It will now check for possible problems with sites before they are submitted, including things like banned JavaScripts and Google AdSense code (AdSense should not be used on traffic exchanges because it is against Google’s Terms of Service). Prices for advertising credits have been tweaked somewhat to allow for reduced prices during periods of high traffic delivery, and average prices otherwise. As with previous newsletter updates from StartXchange, current members who click on the number code at the bottom of each post get credited with 500 activity points and are eligible for a temporary increase in their surfing bonus percentages.

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