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Share Ad Space Updates, Lowers Upgrade Prices

July 30th, 2007

Share Ad Space, a manual traffic exchange and advertising venue, sent out an email update today announcing some changes to the way upgrade credits will be handled at the site. Members who purchase more than one week of upgrade time will now receive all of their advertising credits up front rather than having a set portion of them doled out each week. Prices for the upgrades themselves have also been reduced by a factor of 20 percent. Lastly, a new game is in the works that promises to bring more fun to the surfing experience while awarding bonus credits, small cash prizes, and even free upgrade days to active members. Here is the official word from the site’s owner and founder, Rod Baker:

Hello Members,

A quick message to let everyone know of a few changes and an upcoming new feature.

First Change: The previous system of upgrading had members receiving their weekly credits once per week (if purchasing multiple weeks at once). Now, if you purchase multiple weeks of an upgrade, you will get the entire ad credits all at once.
Example: You purchase 10 weeks of a level 3 upgrade, you get 2,000 credits per week (old system). You will now receive the entire 20,000 credits immediately after upgrade purchase!

Second Change: We have currently reduced the cost of ALL upgrades by 20%!
Old price level 2: 35 cents per week -> now 28 cents per week.
Old price level 3: 70 cents per week -> now: 56 cents per week.
Old price level 4: $1.75 per week -> now: $1.40 per week.
Old price level 5: $3.50 per week -> now: $2.80 per week.

Now, many maybe wondering why the current sale on upgrades.
Reason: the new GAME that will be unveiled this week! I won’t elaborate too much on the new GAME to play (another surfer game), but it includes prizes such as ad credits, cash and … free upgrade days!

We hope the new game will put the FUN back into surfing!

Thanks everyone for your continued support in ShareAdSpace.com

Rod Baker, admin

Over the last four years, Share Ad Space (usually abbreviated SAS) has been one of the most stable and reliable traffic exchange and advertising platforms available in the genre of low cost website promotion. Its founder Rod Baker has demonstrated a high level of integrity and business ethics in managing the site and is also a successful construction contractor in the offline world. He has gradually built SAS into a reputable program by offering members a chance to earn small amounts of cash and advertising for their sites whle also making sure that the program is financially sustainable.

Originally, the program’s main attraction was its paid to promote feature, which allowed members to earn cashable credits by advertising their “promo” link at pre-approved sites. However, back in July 2006 a lightning strike damaged the server that hosted SAS at the time, wiping out most of the members’ data and forcing cash and credit balances to be estimated from older backups. After a few unsuccessful attempts to recover the most current data, admin Rod Baker decided to pay out all outstanding cash balances to members and suspend the program until November, at which time the program re-opened with a somewhat different design and format. The paid-to-promote aspect was scrapped in favor of lower upgrade and credit prices, and the “Trade or No Trade” game was implemented for the in-house surfer. Earning cashable credits is still possible, but this is now accomplished by winning small random prizes during the manual surfing. These winnings are distributed from a cash pool that is funded by members’ purchases of upgrades, credits, and other types of advertising such as banners and text links.

Overall, my experiences with SAS have been favorable; in the early days before the server mishap I had managed to earn a little over $60 from sending traffic to the designated promotional links. After I joined Clickbank and began promoting affiliate programs, I purchased upgrades for four weeks at a time and managed to generate some sporadic affiliate sales that offset the cost of the upgrade purchases and left me with a small profit. After the program switched to the new format, I took advantage of the lower prices and purchased a bulk package of 100,000 credits, about half of which I still have in reserve. Meanwhile, I have been able to use the extra credits to gain more exposure for this site and promote any affiliate programs that may be of interest to SAS members.

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