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End of July News Sweep

July 31st, 2007

Since we have arrived at the end of the month, I am cleaning out my email inboxes, finishing up leftover surveys, and catching up with news items that I had skimmed over before and am now fully digesting. This post will be a collage of small updates that have either just occurred today or were not large enough in content to be written as separate articles.

  1. Lightspeed Consumer Panel is now confirmed as paying. Yesterday I received $10 via PayPal from them after about a one week wait from the time that I redeemed points from my internal account. Back in March, I had become somewhat skeptical of Lightspeed after they debited my points account upon redemption but apparently sent the funds to a nonexistent PayPal account. When proceeding through their checkout process to redeem the points, they simply assumed that my PayPal address was the same as the email address that I had originally used to register with their panel, but of course this was not the case, and there was no indication on the site that they were making this assumption. Fortunately, there was an easy workaround for this. I simply changed the email address in my profile to match the one that I am now using for my new PayPal account.
  2. Earlier today I managed to pick up another invitation for an Invoke interactive survey. I was pretty lucky with this one because the original email was already about five days old by the time I finally got around to reading it and clicking through on the link. The session is scheduled for August 7 and we are supposed to receive a $20 honorarium. Here is a little tip for making sure that you qualify with Invoke and are allowed to follow through with the session. When the survey asks about which browsers you are able to use, be sure that you pick Internet Explorer as one of your possible choices even if you use another browser such as Firefox most of the time. You also need to have some type of Windows operating system (the exact version doesn’t seem to matter) and have at least 1024 by 768 screen resolution with 16-bit color (or higher) for your monitor settings. Of course, you also need to agree that you will be available to participate in the survey session on the scheduled date and time. By answering with these options, you should be able to get through the screening questionnaire and receive the cash reward after completion of the survey.

  1. RoyalSurf admin Catherine Heiter explains the details of the current contest proceedings and sends out a teaser for next week’s update. Apparently there is “something really big” that will be announced next week but it is not yet being revealed.

Hello RoyalSurfers,

This is going to be short and sweet.

The latest surfing contest has five more days, including today. The statistics for each of the daily contests are available in our member’s area. Check those out to see how many entries you have, to date, in the final drawing. I have been printing out the results every day, and I will actually cut the entries from my master copy into strips, put them in a container (I don’t own a hat, so it’ll probably be a coffee can. lol) and have one of my housemates draw out the 20 final winners. The more entries you have, the better your chances to win one of those big prizes on Day 11. So get in there and surf!

The King pointed out to me that I neglected to tell you the other great news about RoyalSurf. He has commissioned some new promotional tools for you. You will find a new splash and a couple of new banners available for you in our member’s area. Go check them out, and put them to use. I especially love that new splash. :-D

And one more thing…shhhh, don’t tell the King I told you. There’s something really big in the works for RoyalSurf. And when I say big, I mean BIG. I’m so excited about it that I am having a very hard time not blabbing it everywhere. But the King says I can’t give out too much information yet. That’s all I can tell you for now. But watch for an email from me announcing it…aside from the weekly update email that I send ya.

I promised short and sweet, so I’ll finish with your current statistics:

Credits: 4513.28
Banner Impressions: 135.005
Text Impressions: 155.005
Cash: 0.000

For those of you who are reading an email from me for the first time, those stats reflect what you have unassigned to your sites, banners, and text links. So that gives you an idea of what you can go in and assign so that your sites and all are in rotation. We can’t show ‘em if they don’t have credits/impressions. So take care of that while it’s fresh in your mind. :-)

Since the activity level seems to be on the rise again, you might want to make sure that you have plenty of credits and impressions assigned. You’re wasting a great opportunity to get your sites seen, if you don’t.

Remember to surf so you are one of the Top Forty in the daily rewards. This way, you do earn an entry in the final drawing. If you need to know the prizes for that, drop me a contact request and I’ll send it to you.

That’s it for now. Have a great week. And good luck to you.

Best Regards,
Catherine Heiter, Admin

  1. Take the Internet Back has sent out yet another update, this time announcing that there are new free downloads available in our members area. We are allowed to use the products for personal use but do not have resale rights. Meanwhile, another banner ad has been sold on the site, and they are becoming somewhat annoyed by the slow progress of the bidhire.com project.

We have just added a whole bunch of new, and FREE, downloads to our members area. That’s right, they are all free for you to use but NOT to sell. They include a complete array of marketing programs and ebooks that can help you earn money on the internet. Please feel free to login to your account and check them out. They also make a good selling point when approaching your family, friends and associates to join TIB.

We have also added another banner to our TIB website. The full price banner ($399.00) can now be seen at the very top of the TIB main page. There will be another banner at the bottom, and these will go for $199.00 (same price as the buttons). Click on the banner link on the main page (right above the buttons) for further information.

Please do not forget to market your TIB affiliate website, and to read your emails. We are paying out more now, and that should make you all happy. Do not forget that your money will NOT show in your account now for 2 weeks. That’s because we will only pay those of you that read emails, and we will give you 2 weeks in which to do that. And at the end of every 2 weeks, those funds will be put into your account.

As for www.bidhire.com – now we really are at a loss. Why are we not marketing more? It has massive potential and the word is that within the next year, Ebay may even be doing this. We beat them out of the starting gate, but we keep letting it stall. Please do what you can to promote it as it could be a major money maker with some help from our member/owners. There are some banners and other marketing materials in the members area. Let’s get cracking and make Bidhire a force to be reckoned with.

That’s it for now, but more shortly. Have a great day.

  1. At Medieval Hits, Mike Macdonnchaidh managed to surge ahead of Stormspotter during the last week of the month to win the contest for July. He is also the current “Top Builder” for the week and has written some suggestions for success with future contests.

Greetings citizens of the fine Kingdom of… hmmm, our kingdom really needs a name! I’d like to propose “Clixelot”! It has come to my attention that I, Sir Mike of Macdonnchaidh, - Knight and “Defender of the heretofore unnamed Kingdom”, has been chosen by our good King, His Royal Highness Larry, as this weeks “Top Builder” award recipient!

It is my duty therefore, to share with the good citizens of the Kingdom with no name, peasants and royalty alike, some of the tasks I have undertaken to earn this high accommodation! Here they are:

1) Be active… click every day! Even if it is just a few sites! 100 sites a day will put you in the top 10 for the month! - See below!

2) Be a knight! Upgrading increases your traffic, gives you a 10 second timer (you can then get your 200 sites per day in about an hour! - this puts you in the top 3-5 in the monthly contests)

3) Be fruitful and multiply… err… refer others. I have the most success using rotators such as the one at Clickvoyager that can get many sites seen on many other sites.
Also, sites whose main purpose is to get referrals will also work well.

4) Have fun… If you’re the competitive type - the contests are a challenge and more fun!

Lastly - No really… this is the last! Develop a case on insomnia and/or a dependency on coffee! OK, just joking, but it works for me!

My humble thanks to His Highness Larry, and to all

Sir Mike of Macdonnchaidh

  1. Finally, we have two more (very likely) HYIP scams to laugh at: RadicalsFund.com and Hyip-pw.com. Radicalsfund has a nice little piece of businesslike gobbledygook on their left panel that is apparently attempting to announce the site’s launch:
  2. To determine the most effective attention for each person and necessary assessment of the present situation, the Offshore Trade team has just opened a new site Our philosophy is that any enterprise should be supported and be accompanied by connoisseurs of trade, which will be of benefit to both sides without any negative consequences of that cooperation.

    There is also this little gem from their Terms page:

    If admin break, maybe your payout pending. But, don’t makae a bad post! Or we stop your payout. Because we will continue your payout when we back to work (online). If you do not agree with the above rules and disclaimer, please do not proceed.

    Meanwhile, Hyip-pw simply uses the stock default scripts for their FAQ and Rules pages instead of trying to mangle the English language even more than the script text already does. They also add some testimonials at the bottom of their home page, which is somewhat unusual for a HYIP, but then give themselves away by claiming an unbelievable $1.396 million in total deposits. They also claim that we can make 300% profits in one day on a $10,000 investment, which does not do much to help their credibility either.

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