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Share Ad Space Announces New Match Game

August 2nd, 2007

The new game that Share Ad Space mentioned in an update earlier this week has now been officially announced and implemented. Earlier tonight, I logged into my SAS account to check it out; so far, it seems to be working as promised. Although I did not play far enough into the game to advance in level, I played several short rounds and managed to achieve a favorable ratio of advertising credits gained vs. pages surfed (it was around 1.5:1 or so in my favor when I logged out).

One thing that helps is to write down the number of credits revealed under each box as you click them so that you can remember which boxes have the correct numbers under them when you need to make a match. This saves time in clicking boxes that you have already uncovered and will give you a better chance of having a favorable surf ratio overall. Here is the full update that explains the rules of the game in detail:

Hello members,

As promised earlier this week, a new game is now ready for play at ShareAdSpace.

The game is called MATCH GAME. Its basically a memory game where you match two identical boxes while avoiding the BAD boxes. Match 2 and win that prize.

Below is the object and how to play explanation (as explained on the site):


Match 2 identical prizes and win that prize amount. Remove at least half of the boxes (38 or more) to qualify to unlock the next level. Complete all 5 levels to submit one entry into the weekly CASH drawing. Avoid the Lose Half and Game Over boxes while accumulating as many prizes as possible.



View advertisement on page. The advertisers are the ones that purchase ads and can support the game prizes.
When timer counts down, click on one of the 75 boxes at top of screen.
A new page will rotate at bottom. Please give it a moment of your time. Something on the page may be of interest to you.
The timer will countdown and you will notice at the bottom of the screen, your previous box result. Click on a second box to try and match up with the first box.
Continue playing the game while trying to remember where an identical prize was so that you can win that amount and clear those two boxes off of the game board.
Remove at least 38 boxes to unlock the next level of play. There are a total of 5 levels. Each level has higher prizes. Naturally, each level has more bad boxes as well.


There are two types of bad boxes: Lose Half and Game Over
Lose Half: If you open a box with this in it, you will lose half of ALL ad credits, cash credits and days won during this game (all levels). However, there is a special option called a stop loss. This option will appear at the bottom of the screen immediately after you encounter a lose half box (provided you have any left). You get 1 stop loss per level of your SAS membership. Level 1 members (free members) receive 1 stop loss per game. Level 5 members receive 5 stop losses per game. This option is very powerful so use it wisely (and timely).
Game Over: If you open a box with this in it, you lose ALL winnings that you have accumulated thus far during the current game, regardless of what level you are on. You cannot use a stop loss on this box. A new game will begin immediately after all winnings have been removed.
Note: Opening only ONE lose half or game over enacts its purpose. You do not have to “match” two of them for it to work.


After 38 boxes have been removed from the board, a button will appear near the top to move onto the next level. You can choose to stay on the same level and clear out more boxes OR move onto the next level. With each progressing level, the prizes awarded are higher but also, there are more bad boxes in the mix.


Just below the 75 boxes, a SAVE GAME button will be available. At any time you wish to end the game and save the winnings, simply click on that button and any ad credits and cash credits won will be added to your SAS account and a new game will start at level 1. These credits will not be in jeopardy when playing any future Match games. If you won any Day prizes, these will be added to your SAS account only if you are an upgraded member (level 2 or higher).


A game stats button is available at all times. This will produce an alert box with vital statistics of the game: Level, prizes won, pages surfed, ratio of pages surfed vs. ad credits won, how many boxes have been removed and what prizes are still left to uncover.

Note: If you upgrade your membership to a higher level in the middle of the game, the change will not take effect until AFTER the current game has concluded. Therefore, no additional “stop losses” will be awarded to you until the next game. However, if you have any DAYS won during the current game and you upgrade your membership from free to any other level, the days you save WILL take effect at the end of the current game (you will not have to wait until next game to start winning them).

The prizes available per level are listed here (feel free to print this out):

You can also go to our forum and share in the discussion on the game here:

Looking forward to interacting with each of you.

Rod Baker, admin

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