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TIB Offers Points for Links, Revamps Bidhire.com

August 9th, 2007

In the latest update from Take the Internet Back, the owners are now offering members five points for providing them with a link back to their site. In my case, this really wasn’t necessary because I am linking to them already. However, since they are hoping to increase their search engine rankings with some added backlinks, it seems to make sense from a marketing standpoint. They are also explaining their position on revamping bidhire.com, citing the fact that purely member-driven promotion was not giving them enough juice to get the site into the wider markets. They are hoping to speed up the process a bit so that they can gain a competitive advantage and maximize long term returns. As usual, the actual text of the update is posted below the fold:

We have lots of good news for our TIB member/owners. First, and foremost, Mike Glaspie (or Mike G as many of you know him as) will be sending out his weekly email on Monday and highly recommending TIB and then Bidhire. Mike is one of the foremost internet marketers and is known as an internet guru. His endorsement of our programs should give them a considerable boost. If I were you, I would use this weekend to really market your affiliate website - before Mike snags your potential downline.Also, we are still getting questions as to why we are revamping Bidhire. As some of you have put it, you think we are cheating you or taking it away. ON THE CONTRARY!!! We are developing it as fast as possible to MAXIMIZE your returns. Like we said last time, would you rather own 90% of a website with no potential or 50% of a website with MASSIVE potential? We gave TIB members over a month to market Bidhire and the returns were dismal at best. It does not make sense to complain and say “it is ours - let’s leave it as is” and watch it sit there until someone else comes out and beats us to market. Bidhire is unique and has massive potential, but we have to act NOW! I hope that you can now understand why we are doing what we are doing i.e. trying to make you money. If we did it any other way, we would risk our unique position and marketing control.We have some more good news for our TIB member/owners. Our Google ranking has moved up nicely but we are still not on the first page (first page means big revenues - which means more money to our members). In order to get that ranking and more advertising revenues, we have decided to ask our members to link us to their websites. But wait - we are not asking you to do this for nothing. We will give you points - the same points you get for referrals and for reading emails!

If you have a website, we will give you 5 points if you link to us using the url down below (you must add your affiliate ID to it). Doing this will benefit you and us both. You will get the points, and you will also get the referral points when someone clicks on your link. That means that you will earn more and hold a bigger owners portion as well. If you have a few websites, we will give you 5 points for each one that you place a link on. I am sorry but we can NOT do reciprocal links at this time and that is why we are offering this deal.

We have text links and banner links both, so you have your choice. The only requirement that we have is as follows:
Members will need to send their member ID, their name, and the website where the code we provided is displayed to links@itconsultinglive.com so that we can confirm your link. Points will take up to 2 weeks to add as we have to verify these manually.

As we all know, the more points that you have, the higher your ownership stake will be. Please link us anywhere that you can. We will also allow links on places like Myspace or similar websites. No cheating as we will check these links ourselves.

Please make absolutely sure that you follow the above directions or you will not get credit.

In closing, we are all working together to make money. Please do your part and get the word out about TIB and Bidhire.com. The Internet is a numbers game and we are very close to getting those numbers. A little help from each one of you will put us over the top. Let’s make this a goldmine for us all!! Have a great weekend!

TIB Administration

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